10 Ways to Set 2019 Dreams and Goals


Today I want to discuss 10 Ways to Set 2019 Dreams and Goals! Dreams are a way of visualizing what we want to achieve in the future and by having a goal and an objective we can set a path to this dream!

It seems like only yesterday when we were in 2017 and setting objectives for 2018!

Where, oh where has the time gone?! I know right, we are back in December and it’s time to start thinking of measurable goals (or dreams) that you can achieve by the end of 2019.

Our dreams and goals for 2019 can be just about anything really! There are so many goals that we can set for ourselves and it could be;

  • To save more money;
  • Lose weight and get in shape for that special occasion;
  • Have more sex (Yep, some of us wish for more);
  • Travel to new destinations;
  • Have more awesome life experiences;
  • Buy a house

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I’ve provided a snippet from Statista to give you insight into the most common dreams and goals.

If you thought to lose weight was the number one, it’s not! It’s definitely close but most Americans want to save more money, in-fact 53% of us want that more than anything.

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dreams and goals

Why Set Goals?

Setting goals provides us with a sense of achievement to attaining our goals, whether it be a long or short-term vision.

It also provides us with a sense of management for ourselves, but more importantly, allows us to organize our time and resources to attain our dreams and goals.

Importance of Goal Setting!

Goal setting can actually improve our quality of life in itself! Besides providing us with a long and short-term vision and a sense of achievement it can also instill;

  • A sense of direction;
  • More focus on important things in life;
  • Clarity in decision making;
  • A sense of control over your future;
  • Managing stress;

Everybody has these aspects in mind when setting goals for the New Year. We do so by telling ourselves and other’s about our New Years Resolution plans, right before the clock hits midnight.

It’s definitely a party theme in my opinion haha!

Besides that, how many of you actually achieve the goals you set before the end of the New Year?

According to US Health News, a whopping 80% of people don’t actually achieve their New Years Resolution or goals for the New Year. Lara Escort

But that could be for a number of reasons, such as;

  • The dreams and goals are unrealistic;
  • They are too big to achieve within one year (long-term goals)
  • We focus too much on the end result;
  • We have zero focus;

This is what has brought my attention to this post, I’m going to help you and provide you with 10 ways to set your 2019 dreams and achievements.

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10 Ways to Set Dreams and Goals

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#1 Review the Previous Years Goals

2018 was a great year and I hope you managed to achieve certain goals that you may have set. Before getting started with setting goals for 2019 you should review how last(this) year went for you.

Things to think about include if the goal was easily achievable or not, did you lose focus along the way or other aspects that may have gotten in the way.

If you do this first you will see where you went off on a tangent and better prevent it from happening again this time around.

#2 Get SMART about 2019 Goal Setting

What is SMART?

SMART is an acronym that will help you with achieving your goals for 2019. This is essentially taking each goal you have in place and making it have some sort of objective.

Below is what the acronym represents:

  • Specific  – This is specific answers to questions such as “what is to be done?” or “Why do you want to reach a goal”. It is ideally written so that anyone reading your questions and answers has the same interpretation.
  • Measurable – Think about ways to measure progress. Tracking progress can be as easy as setting key dates or measuring your goals by spreadsheet.
  • Attainable – You have to be realistic with goal setting. It should be readily achievable and not too far out of reach.
  • Time – Make sure you set a time frame for your goals. Whether it be quarterly or annually. This allows you to stay on track and be accountable to some extent.

#3 Break Your Goals into Smaller Segments

Have you ever been to a Party or just at home with your partner and saying, “My New Years Resolution is to Have $20,000 in savings by December”

I know I have!

The goal itself is attainable providing you have spare income that can meet this expectation. But you need to stop and think.

To achieve this goal it would be easier to break it down into smaller segments such as monthly savings of at least $1670.

This sound soooo much better than $20,000, it also creates a manageable framework to work with and reduces your stress levels.

#4 Create a Plan for Your 2019 Goals

Plans are the backbone of success. Seriously!

Have you heard the phrase “If you fail to plan? You plan to fail!”. True Story.

Planning can be as simple as writing down your goals and dreams. Your 2019 goals should be achievable to some extent.

This actually serves us with a reminder and purpose to what it is that we want to achieve and it will bring our vision to reality more readily.

10 Ways to Set Dreams and Goals

#5 Keep Your 2019 Goals Measurable at all Times

If you have no way to measure your goals from the start then you need to redefine the goal itself.

As I’ve mentioned before, measurable goals allow us to have an end goal in mind.

If your goal can be measured at all times (via a spreadsheet or similar) then you won’t have a hard time tracking progress and actually achieving your dreams and goals.

#6 Be Accountable for your Goals

How can you be more accountable for your goals? I’m glad you asked!

You could find an accountability partner, someone who can work alongside you to achieve those goals.

If you can’t find someone that has the same goals, why not ask a family member to keep querying you about your progress.

The next time you’re at a family gathering and your family asks, “what is new with you?”

Simply tell them, I’m trying to save a deposit for a new car that I plan to get by December, you should ask me regularly how this is going for me.

Simple right?

#7 Be Aware of Roadblocks

Roadblocks for your progress can be in any shape or form. So you need to be aware that they exist.

If you are expecting to have a roadblock then the best thing to do is prepare for it. Being prepared will allow you to anticipate any fallback you may encounter.

The fallback can be a thing such as missing a savings payment due to an unexpected bill or not being able to go to your gym to workout because you’re too sick.

#8 Reward Yourself Along the Journey

The best part about setting your goals is that you can do anything to motivate yourself to keep going so that you can achieve your goals.

For example; you may choose to reward yourself by meeting milestones along the way. If you were going to the gym to lose weight and you manage to lose 5kg mass in 4 weeks due to strict dieting. Then why not reward yourself with a small treat?

It’s perfectly fine as long as you are aware that it’s a one-time thing that can be repeated again the next time you meet your milestone.

10 Ways to Set Dreams and Goals

#9 Align 2019 Goals with Your Purpose

If your purpose is to save more money by the end of the year then you need to ensure that your goals align with your purpose.

Defining the purpose of your goal is not that hard, for example, what is the sole reason you need to save money?

It can be for anything really, here are a few reasons I save money;

  • To go to a new destination;
  • To buy a new car;
  • Boost my savings funds;
  • Purchase a new computer;
  • Pay off debt;

The above reasons are my purpose to me saving money and that aligns well with my goals.

#10 Write Short Term 2019 Goals

If your goals are way too hard to achieve within 12 months then you need to consider writing short-term goals.

Each of these short-term goals will essentially paint a bigger picture and form part of your long-term goal.

I like to share my example of attaining an Engineering Bachelor’s degree, which is 4 years in New Zealand.

The course has 8 semesters with about 4 to 5 papers each semester. You need to pass each paper in order to move onto the next level of the subject. Each semester lasts about 10 weeks.

Subjects contain an exam component generally about 70% and coursework of 30% (assignments, small tests, etc).

I set short-term goals of achieving the full 30% of the coursework, that way I wasn’t struggling to get at least 50% in the exam to pass (I only needed 20%) which meant my grade would be better than a C grade.

I did this for each paper, in each semester and managed to get my Degree within the timeframe it sets out.

That concludes my 10 ways to set your dreams for 2019 or just about any year! These 10 tips apply every time of the year so don’t wait any longer begin your new journey and create a better you today.

Take the time to share your dreams and goals for 2019 in the comment box below. I would love to hear them. Mine is to get this blog to 10’000 page views per month.

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