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This is my 6 Monthly Blog Review,

where I discuss my trials and tribulations, my roller coaster of emotions and my love for blogging! The last post I posted was in December 2018 and that’s when I flatlined.

As you may know Ashley and I have been travelling all over the world and we’ve been frequently updating the blog, Instagram account and other social media accounts.

Our last stop was in Fiji and we arrived back in New Zealand on the first week of January, ready to give a crack at the New Year!
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You know, new year new me and all ;). We got back but were heavily overloaded with seeing our friends, family, cats and dogs!

including as getting all our belongings from our storage container.

I can tell you now, that this is such a hard task and requires izmir escort incredible manpower. Haha, I’m only saying that because I haven’t been to the gym in about 5 months,

it’s really crazy how your fitness can slip from mersin escort the grips of your hands when you travel around the world,

see magnificent structures, meet new people and more.

Enough chit-chat, as I was saying I flatlined (the blog posting stopped) but it was all for good reasons I assure you. Olgun Escort Bayanlar

I was learning things (watching a lot of youtube videos) on how to improve my SEO score, rank more effectively.

There is a lot to cover but I will only cover the highlights of what I discovered, these include;

  • Making Money Online;
  • SEO vs Pinterest;
  • Google Adsense;
  • Sponsored Posting;
  • Improving My Domain Authority;
  • Lessons Learnt;
  • Goals for 2019;

If you want to start a blog in 2019 but don’t know how then take my 7-day blog course which is designed to help you learn the ropes.

If you’ve started your blog but just don’t know about certain things, then I recommend reading some of the posts below to get you off on the right foot.

6 Monthly Blog Review

#1 Making Money Online

The first time I ever set up a blog was back in 2012. I did make money with this blog, but it took a while and I also built a brand around it.

Making money online can be hard or it can be easy, like a nice stroll through a park on a sunny day.

I have started making money with this blog, but it is very minimal. I would compare it to a baby learning to crawl.

This is still a very hard step for a new blog there are tonnes of ways to make money with a blog and I wrote 8 effective ways you can do so.

#2 SEO vs Pinterest

If you are using Yoast SEO as a torch to guide you through the darkness of the night, then stop. It took me 4 months to realise Yoast was just a small part of a larger puzzle.

See Yoast helps you with your on page SEO and it provides a good guide to see how well your content is structured and if it contains enough outbound links, proper headings and an appropriate keyword density.

What it doesn’t tell you is how hard it is to rank for a specific keyword!

I came across so many tools and gadgets that will push you in the right direction but I won’t list any here, you should go out and learn how to effectively implement SEO.

Why? If you optimize your site for Google you have a better chance of getting high converting traffic.

You see, what I learnt about Pinterest is that it’s a great tool for driving traffic immediately to your new site.

What I discovered was that it is a very low converting traffic source which is probably due to the abundant amount of pins all effectively saying the same thing.

I now use Pinterest to spread awareness of my brand instead of a primary traffic source!

#3 Google Adsense

I monetized the crap out of my website with Google Adsense but you know what?! It’s definitely not worth the penny you get.

Seriously, I’ve had it for about 3 months now and I’ve made about $8 – I know right!

If you just started your blog, by all means, go for Google Adsense but you will soon come to find how horrible it is.

What I have discovered is premium ad networks, the ones that give you a tonne of money. The downside is you need a lot of sessions a month to be approved for the system.

Here are a couple of networks that you should list and apply when you hit the threshold;

#4 Sponsored Posting;

Sponsored posts are a great way to make money but there are few pitfalls!

I managed to get lucky and landed a small deal of $50 for a small post, but I think these will become frequent throughout 2019.

So the low down of this is you need to apply to sponsored networks, just google the term there’s a tonne out there.

The problem I’ve experienced is they want seasoned influencers. Meaning you need a good standing on your blog, Instagram, Facebook or Youtube account to even land a deal.

What else I learnt was that $50 was peanuts and I should have been charging at least $250 (given that my blog is still new) as I am still getting traffic.

The potential to earn large from sponsored posts are incredible and it can actually replace a salary of $100,000 if you have the right contacts on your roladex.

#5 Improving my Domain Authority

In December I learnt a tonne about SEO including improving my ranking. Improving your ranking for specific keywords is what will take you to the front of Google.

My best keyword right now lands me on the 4th page of Google, this is the best I’ve been for this blog.

I took my blog from a Domain Authority of 3 to 11 very quickly (in the span of a few weeks).

To get a page to the front of Google requires a lot of effort and Domain Authority is only a small part of it.

#6 Lessons Learnt

I learnt a lot, I invested a tonne on random courses to improve my knowledge but in the end, nothing beats experience.

The things I learnt was how to drive traffic from Pinterest, Google SEO and a bit of Facebook marketing.

I’ll continue to learn as much as I can and continue to apply it all.

#7 Goals for 2019

I have a lot on my plate for 2019 but the biggest thing is to try and get my traffic up so I can apply for a premium ad network, this will start bringing a decent cash flow in for me. Other aspects that will continue to be worked on are;

  • Pinterest Traffic;
  • Google SEO;
  • Twitter, Facebook and Instagram Presence;
  • Land 1 Sponsored Post;
  • Improve my website rank;
  • Generate more money with Affiliate Marketing;
  • Travel some more 🙂 

I do have more goals and aspirations for the year but I think it’s good not to get carried away and set too much, some of these are readily achievable and some will take an incredible effort. So the next time I have a review will be mid year or by January 2020.

Important Resources

These are companies and courses/services I’ve personally vetted and recommend.

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Marco B @ Bottom Line Cents

Marco is the founder of Bottom Line Cents, a blog about travel and personal finance. He primarily talks about ways to make money online with side income. He has paid off over $40,000 in student debt due to his side gigs and his thriving nature to succeed.