8 Simple Ways to Monetize Website to Start Blogging For Money

There are many ways you can Monetize Website and I'll be showing you 8 simple ways to do this.

Today I want to discuss 8 Simple Ways to Monetize Website to Start Blogging for Money!

There are many reasons for you to monetize website however, the most obvious is to make money the least obvious is to start a successful blog business!

It will allow you to create the time freedom you've always wished for!

Today I'll be discussing 8 simple ways that you can use on how to monetize your website!

8 Simple Ways to Monetize Website to Start Blogging For Money
8 Simple Ways to Monetize Website to Start Blogging For Money
8 Simple Ways to Monetize Website to Start Blogging For Money

Monetize Website With These 8 Simple Strategies

Many of you are wondering where does the actual income come from and how to monetize your blog website.

I decided to compile a small list to give you an idea of the many sources of where the income can actually come from.

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Monetize Website with Affiliate Marketing

When I first started my blog, I had no other solid ideas of how to make money from it.

I stumbled across Making Sense of Affiliate Marketingthis course has been nothing shy of excellent and really got my head around what affiliate marketing is.

If you don't know what affiliate marketing really is, it is taking someone else's product and promoting it and receiving a commission from a company or service provider.

Commissions can vary from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars, but generally speaking, the commissions that pay the most require decent effort in order to get the sale.

Monetize Website with by Starting an Ecommerce Store

There's plenty of ways to start an online store!

before I got into blogging I was an avid E-commerce salesman (I sold products people wanted on an online store I created). 

You could use WordPress/Woocommerce to do this but it looks unprofessional.

I'd suggest Creating Your Store With Shopify if you really want to succeed at this.

When I ran my store I made over $70,000 - Imagine an extra $70,000 floating in your account!

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Monetize Website with Adsense

Placing ads on your website is another good way to start earning money and monetize website, generally!

People start with Google Adsense and plaster banners, popups and click through links all over their website.

I recommend not being so obtrusive with ads as it can make for a poor user experience.

When your blog has just started you need to focus on producing content and building a name without creating a negative experience for the user.

There are other ad networks out there that pay premium rates for displaying their ads but I won't get into that here as it requires high monthly page views.

Once you have a good enough following and the traffic has really ramped up, consider displaying ads by companies.

They will generally pay higher to advertise knowing that their ads are being displayed to quality traffic.

Monetize Website with Ebooks

An ebook is an electronic book that contains information about your topic and is the perfect way to start blogging for money.

If you are an expert in a particular area, consider writing an ebook product and advertising this to your audience.

There are quite a few people making tens of thousands of dollars per month from ebooks alone.

Monetize Website with Staff Writing/Guest Posting

The writing style and grammar of your blog is important in securing a staff writing gig.

Generally speaking, staff writers get about $25 per article but can expect more the more experienced they are.

If your copy on your blog is excellent and you are a copywriter by trade! I would expect that your earnings per article would be considerably more.

Monetize Website with Online Courses

Don't want to make an ebook, monetize with courses?

Why not create a video course that takes advantage of your specialized skills.

I had a friend that recently made a video course on high school algebra, it was a very simple course that wasn't marketed.

He ended up making about $1500 for his efforts, not bad just for sharing his knowledge with others.

Monetize Website with Services

If you are not the ebook or course making type why not offer your skills as a service to others, this can be the perfect way to monetize your blog.

This can be preparing documents, writing articles or even lending a hand to fellow blogger with some technical jazz who just got started.

You can offer just about anything as a service as long as there is a demand for it.

Monetize Website by Creating Monthly Subscription Products

This is probably the most effective way to guarantee a monthly revenue and monetize your blog.

For this, you have to offer some sort of service or exclusive group that gets premium advice.

Another way is to create products from you or a monthly subscription to all your exclusive content and ebooks, video courses, webinars, podcasts, strategy masterminds or whatever you have in mind.

Subscription-based income is an effective way to predict future income and allows you to build a passive income online.

Monetize Website by Creating Smaller Products

If you think writing one big ebook or preparing a long video course is too much.

Then why not break the content into smaller products, with smaller price tiers.

By doing that you open your content to your audience who may only be interested in specific segments of your main product.

These are just some of the ideas to monetize your blog and there are plenty more.

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Conclusion for my ways to Monetize Website

So there you have it! These are some of my ways you can Monetize your Blog Website.

These ways are there for if you have just started a blog and wanted to make money from it from the beginning.

If you have any further recommendations leave a comment in the box below to open a discussion with me!

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