About Us

Hi there, I’m Marco and welcome to my Personal Finance, Lifestyle and Travel blog. I want to tell you a little about me, I started this blog as a way to improve my financial situation, keep track of my personal expenses and guide my readers on improving their financial situation.

We live in Auckland, New Zealand. My partner and I are currently travelling the world and want to share our journey with you.

I am a young motivated adult that graduated from one of the top Universities in the world in 2012. It took me four years to complete but I graduated with honours in Civil Engineering which led to a nice corporate job as an Engineering Professional but also a mountain of student debt. To cut to the chase, about $80,000 worth of student debt.

When I graduated it felt good but all I had to show for that debt was a piece of paper that said I had this qualification and also a large lump in my throat that I found hard to swallow – mainly because I thought “How the heck am I going to get rid of that debt”.

I’ve now paid the majority of that off (about $30,000 remaining) and will continue to pay it off until its gone and that large lump in my throat is gone. So the main reason I’ve started this blog is to help educate others on what they can do to improve their financial situation.