Best Dropshipping Apps for Shopify | Grow Profits (2021)

Shopify dropshipping can be extremely tedious for some, and most often install the worst dropshipping apps that never help. In this article, we'll be discussing the best dropshipping apps for shopify that will increase your profits and grow your revenue.

I am pretty heavy involved in Shopify, I started to learn the eCommerce ropes back in December 2016. Back then it was a good time to get into eCommerce as there wasn’t that many "gurus" or snakelike oilmen to trick you out of your hard earned cash!

I’m not saying that all the gurus are bad people, in fact some of them are great at what they do and teach. Little guidance on what was the best dropshipping apps for shopify to use to make sales, make your store more authentic and trustworthy and just generally be a good looking store.

There are literally so many apps on the Shopify App Store, in fact there are over 1200 Shopify Apps available as of writing this! Most of us stop to think, yeh that’s great but what are the apps that will help me drive the sales I need to my store?

How to improve your store If you want to focus on customer reviews, improve your store’s marketing channels such as email marketing or customer retargeting.

Another way is to just add products to social media platforms such as Pinterest, Etsy or Facebook then you have to continue reading.

Today I want to share with you my thoughts on the 10 of the Greatest Shopify Apps to Make sales and I will cover apps related to:

  • Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales & Conversions;
  • Shopify Apps for Social Proof & Credibility;
  • Greatest Shopify Apps for Dropshipping;
  • Must Have Shopify Shipping Apps;
  • The Best Shopify Customer Service Apps;

So if you just started your Shopify Store and you’re looking for some good Shopify advice then here it is.

Best Dropshipping Apps for Shopify to Increase Sales & Conversions

One Click Upsell by Zipify (OCU)

One click Upsell is probably one of the best Shopify apps you will need to boost the average order value (AOV) per customer per sale.

When I started dropshipping with Shopify I use to promote single items but was always skimping on my profits. After a while I discovered OCU which really improved my average order value.

one click upsell for shopify

Key features with one click upsell are; • Post purchase upsell funnels; This is the primary focus of this app. It is to provide a limited time upsell offer to your customer so that they act quickly and increase your sales.

The cost of OCU will set you back at $47 per month! This may seem steep but trust me you will make this back within the first month (if not more).

Facebook Shop

You definitely need the Facebook Shopify app integrated with your store.

If you’re already marketing products on Facebook and you have a branded store Facebook page then this will create a ’Shop’ tab within your page.

best dropshipping app for shopify

The best part about this app is that it is completely free and you should definitely have it on your store.

Messenger Recart App

There are 7 powerful features within Recart App which has been designed to bring you an all in one solution to your sales problems.

Recart App lets you send cart abandonment emails so that you can recover sales that may have slipped through the cracks.


327 They also offer abandonment analytics so that you can track how often you convert carts that have been left.

The cost varies and is dependent on the sales you make but the best part is that there is 28-day free trial. The key features of recart app is as follows;

Key Features:

  • Automated Facebook Messenger campaigns
  • Add to cart pop-ups to help capture emails
  • Push notifications and user/login tracking
  • Abandoned cart email and Messenger campaigns
  • Email capture from all your software
  • Form autofill (Only available for Shopify Plus)
  • Detailed Abandonment analytics

Best Shopify Apps for Dropshipping Social Proof & Credibility

Sales Pop Social Proof App

Sales Pop is a Shopify App that displays your recent sales in the form of a pop notification (kind of like what you see on your android/iPhone phone).

The only difference is these will display who, what and when a person has purchased an Item from you. It adds huge credibility when you are trying to market items that you want to give an extra edge.


It also makes people trust your store a little more. This Shopify App gives you a free 7-day trial and once that is completed you will have to pay about $20 a month!

Although not bad, if you really wanna add that real authentic feel in terms of social proofing your website.

Key Features of Sales Pop are:

  • Showing your sales notification live to your customers;  
  • Boosts your Sales by added Social Proof;
  • Uses FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) sales technique to drive more sales;
  • Change the notification colours to match your store theme;


Wheelio Shopify app is used primarily to collect emails from your customers in a unique way. A unique way is to give your customers a chance to win a prize off your Shopify store.

The prizes are generally offering a percentage off an item, the overall sale or offering free shipping on selected items. How this is used to add social proof to your store is by spread of awareness.


For example if someone comes to your store and wants to get a 15 % off coupon, they will enter their name and email address. However you are in control of how often this will happen (chance).

If they didn’t win they would probably go to their brother, uncle or mom to ask them to enter their email address. This spreads awareness of your store and hence your social proofing.

Key Features of Wheelio are:

  • Gathering emails on your store;
  • Collecting emails via FB Messenger opt-in
  • Unique gamified opt-in that drives conversions;
  • Several different themes to market - Valentines day, Independence day or Christmas for example

Best Shopify Apps for DropShipping

Oberlo Dropshipping App

Most of use Shopify to dropship products to our audience. There are tools that you need to do this effectively.

Oberlo has it’s own marketplace so you don’t need to go to Wish, Aliexpress or Ebay to source products because they do it for you.

However if you wish to use this Shopify App to dropship from Aliexpress then you can do this too! It’s really simple as the app integrates with Aliexpress.


Even better you need to get the chrome extension of Oberlo to assist you with streamlining your dropship business.

It is free to use however only for the first 50 orders per month, once you exceed this it will cost about $30 per month for up to 500 orders.

Key Features of Oberlo are:

  • Forever Free Plan (less than 50 orders per month)
  • Detailed product Statistics;
  • Free Chrome Extension;
  • Order Tracking; and
  • Sales Dashboard


Dropified like Oberlo does the same thing. However I have found that for $47/month it has a slightly better interface and is more user friendly.

There is also a Chrome extension for the Dropified Shopify App however the best part about Dropified is that the app automatically sends the tracking number information to your orders and emails the customers.

best dropshipping app for shopify

This can save a huge amount of time for yourself if you are looking to speed things up a bit. [17]They do offer a free 14-day trial!

Use this trial to learn the ropes and if you do find it to expensive stick to Oberlo for a while until your store starts to rack up some sales.

Key Features of Dropified are:

  • Import products with 1-click;
  • Automated customer order fulfilment;
  • Free Chrome Extension;
  • Price alert when things change;

Best Shopify Shipping Apps

Tracktor Shipping App

Customer order tracking is essential to having the full works for your store. If you don’t have this in your Shopify Store then customers will send frequent emails to try and find out where their products are.


Tracktor order tracking allows you to integrate a tracking page on your store so that customers can just paste their tracking number in and the status of their order will be displayed. It tracks;

  • Preparing order;
  • Shipped order;
  • Delivered Order;

The best part is, it will tell the customer exactly where the parcel was last scanned.

This app is free to use if you have less than 5 orders a month but even their next tier plan won’t break your bank account, which is only $15 a month for up to 50 orders.

Key Features of Tracktor are:

  • Real time order lookup;
  • Viewing order status;
  • Add tracking links directly to automated emails;

Best Shopify Customer Service Apps

Gorgias - Customer Service

Gorgias Customer reviews is an all-in-one customer support and live chat helpdesk for your customers.

It brings together all your customer service queries to one place, whether it’s from social media, chat bot or phone calls. This is the perfect customer service Shopify App to help automate your customer service.


It offers a free 7-day trial to get you going but it can set you back at $60 a month. I only recommend getting this when your store is to large to handle all the customer service requests.

Loox - Photo Reviews

Loox Photo Reviews is a must have Shopify App. This app provides great customer reviews of the products that you sell and better yet it adds more social proof to your store.

The social proof comes from the fact that real customers are telling their experience of your products.


When you have a new customer come to your store they will look to see how it was for someone else before they buy from you. Photo reviews costs about $10 a month but they do provide a 14-day free trial.

I highly recommend that you have this on your store because it can make a difference.

Key Features of Loox Photo Reviews are:

  • Real photo reviews from customers;
  • Automatic emailing for review requests;
  • Review offer discounts (have them come back and spend more);
  • Much Much more!

Final Thoughts 

So that’s my 10 best dropshipping apps for shopify that your dropshipping business will need if you were to succeed in this tough market

There are obviously way more than this and it really boils down to preference but this is what I use and have used on my Shopify stores to drive sales.

If you have any further recommendations just drop a comment down below and I’ll be sure to have a look at it!