10 Best Rain Ponchos for Winter

Today I want to talk about the Best Rain Ponchos that can be used in winter. These ponchos are not your ordinary 1-use throw away poncho, but rather something that has value and can be used for more than one winter.

How many times have you left home and it just literally bucketed down, like the heavens have cast a dark cloud over your head! However, you've left home while taking little baggage with you (including your umbrella) and now you're forced to buy a nasty cheap poncho that's about $1.

When you're done, throw it away and hopefully it doesn't rain again right?! Imagine doing this more than 30 times in your lifetime, well you've just paid for a more fashionable re-usable rain poncho!

So here I am to help you decide what is the best rain poncho for you with my ultimate rain poncho guide for beginners.

Best Rain Ponchos for Winter
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What is a Rain Poncho?

Rain ponchos are sleeveless articles of clothing with open sides and a space for the head to pass through made out of waterproof materials. 

It is an outer garment designed to keep the body warm and dry from rainy weather from every angle and it can also be used to keep the wind at bay whilst warming your body acting as an insulator. 

Ponchos are exceptionally useful to have in your wardrobe and come in a disposable form so it is vital that you need to keep a few as part of your survival kit; especially when hiking.

If you don't have a poncho handy you could find yourself in a tricky pickle. 

Ponchos are great for borrowing from friends or family if you need to go for a hike and could save your life!

Find out more below for how to use the poncho as a shelter when in the bushes!

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What are the Best Rain Ponchos made of?

Rain Ponchos are made from watertight materials usually PVC and other similar waterproof materials.

The material is designed to thermally insulate the body in the event of wet, cold and rainy weather conditions.

Ponchos usually come in a wide variety of colours and printed patterns so making this a fashion statement is no exception to the norm.

A poncho can also be used as a shelter with branches used as structural support. It therefore can be used when hiking to shelter under. 

best rain ponchos

Are rain Ponchos reusable? 

Rain ponchos are a fantastic addition to every family's repertoire and is remarkably economic to purchase and own, simply put it is the must have item of this millennium's winter.  

They also come in the option of either as disposable or re-useable wardrobe options. Disposable ponchos are great for one off events such as concerts and also add a nice colour to the style of your group! 

The disposable ones are usually a cheaper option compared to a standard production one. The quality of the disposable ones are usually a lower grade for they are intended for a limited use. 

Are there rain Ponchos for toddlers and dogs?

Great news! Don't you just love it when there is that perfect accessory that matches you and your dog or toddler.

There are the best rain ponchos available for toddlers and dogs that are super cute and adorable! 

Ponchos for toddlers and dogs are the perfect companion when being battered by the rain and the whole family needs to take a trip somewhere.

Rain Poncho vs Jacket


  • Ponchos are less expensive.
  • Can additionally function as a shelter.
  • Covers the entire upper body and can also encase your backpack.
  • Has stylish designs
  • Ventilation is great when wearing a poncho! Very breathable as it is not snugged to your body like a jacket.
  • The disposable poncho is remarkably affordable on Amazon at only $5-$10. That's a steal a steal.
  • Military grade heavy duty rain ponchos are available in the market place.
  • Key feature of a poncho is the fact that it can cover your backpack. You will rarely find a jacket that does this. 
  • superior ventilation compared to a jacket.
  • Ponchos are lightweight! 
  • Ideal for outdoor trekking through the bush. They can be used as a sheet to sit on when having a break on the ground.


  • More chance that the water can get in on the sides. 

How can you store a rain poncho?

Rain ponchos are super simple to store, they can be self-storing if designed in that way where T\they would fold into themselves for easy storage.

Some ponchos come with a handy bag for storing your poncho.

Disposable vs Reusable

The Best Rain ponchos are fantastic and come in the option of either disposable or re-usable version.

Disposable ponchos are great for one off events where you would only need one for such events as concerts or Saturday Sports games.

They are also work well as a fashion statement in groups. There is a notable price and quality difference between disposable & re-usable ponchos.

Here are the 10 Best Ponchos for Winter

Rain Poncho Jacket Coat

"Everyone's perception of a product is different, so it's not always the best thing to let reviews influence your purchases. 

That being said, I am very happy with this poncho and am glad I bought it.

I'm heading to Scotland in September, and past experience has taught me that there could be some intense rain while I am there."


  • Waterproof eco-friendly 
  • 100% Polyester
  • Strong waterproof backing with heat sealed seams
  • Portable and Compact


  • Does not have pockets
  • Not highly fashionable
  • Bigger than expected
ANDAKE Raincoat Portable Reusable Rain Poncho

"The purchase of this poncho was the result of a great deal of comparison in material,size and price.This is not another crappy plastic emergency poncho. 

It is made of the same rip-stop material tents are made from very light and super tough.

Also quite versatile and fit over a backpack, due to its large size and thoughtful design. 

I'm extremely happy with it, can't find a bad word to say."


  • Ultra-high Waterproof
  • internal double-sided adhesive treatment
  • 3-IN-1Multi-Use
  • ideal companion for everyday life, festivals, hiking and mountaineering trips


  • tight around the neck.
hikevalley Rain Poncho, Waterproof Lightweight

"Delivery came as promised and the product kept us dry and held up well for the few rainy days we needed it while traveling. 

We went with this product instead of a cheap dollar store one so it wouldn’t rip in two minutes.

All around us, people were trying to put on their cheap ponchos which would tear like Saran Wrap. This poncho was sturdy and effective."


  • Made of 210T high density ripstop nylon PU3000MM 
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made of rip resistant nylon material


  • Sleeveless
  • Very large
Arcturus Reusable Rain Poncho - Lightweight Ripstop Nylon Poncho

"This poncho is not very loud, very pliable, held up great in heavy rain with no leaks through the fabric, very light to carry for the just in case storm. 

What I like best is the size. I am 5'10", 170lbs, and during down poor poncho covered me with a small to med size day pack on my back, and bow at side while reaching down to ankles.

Legs stayed dry. When I sat, everything including feet were covered. Bow stayed dry. The best coverage I have ever had in a poncho. 

Buy it. You won't regret it. Camo pattern also was surprisingly very good. My buddy said it blended in well. Probably going to buy another for back up as usually when i find something this good at a great price they sell out and become not available."


  • Super Lightweight and Compact
  • Extra Large Hood and Extra Long Length
  • Strong and Waterproof
  • Great for backpackers and inside survival kits


  • NOT good for backpack at all; Must be at least 6 ft to use this.
  • Shoulders may get wet
  • Very thin
Hagon PRO Disposable Rain Ponchos for Adults

"We put them on when the rains began, and stayed comfortable as we continued to enjoy rides and other activities at the Magic Kingdom. To purchase these in the gift shops, they were $5 - $7 each. 

These ponchos were perfect: easy/light to carry in a backpack; easy to put on quickly; did a great job of keeping us dry; the hoods were perfect size and worked great.

Will be purchasing more for other trips where they may be needed."


  • Fits plus size people
  • Great Value
  • Can be reused
  • Lightweight and tough
  • Comes as a 5 pack


  • It can leave knees wet
  • Small for youth
  • Thickness not as good as expected
Terra Hiker Rain Poncho, Waterproof Raincoat

"Used on a backpacking hike on the Superior Hiking Trail during wet weather, and it performed wonderfully. It kept me and my pack dry, without weighing me down.

When the rain stopped while hiking, it was small enough when rolled up that I just tucked it under my pack's sternum strap rather than having to open up my pack.

There is less condensation inside this poncho than I've had when using plastic ponchos in the past, and it weighs less than one-fourth what my military-style poncho weighs."


  • Multi-use poncho is specially designed for outdoor activities
  • Strengthened Waterproof Function
  • Easy and Convenient
  • Portable and Compact


  • Length can be dissapointing
  • Not as compact as made out to be
  • Not enough body surface coverage
Anyoo Waterproof Rain Poncho Lightweight Reusable HikingRain Coat

"This is a great buy for anyone, especially those who go hiking, camping, roadtripping, etc. 

I bought this poncho thinking it would be a good backup during my travel adventures and, within a week of purchasing it, I rigged it as a cover for a small tent.

When I went camping in the desert (thus not planning on too much rain) and I was caught a little off guard by the 18 hours of almost steady rain during my trip.

My tent was not the best for a rainy evening and I was able to use this poncho for a great rain cover for the tent (small 2 person tent).

Turns out it was the most valuable equipment I had packed for the trip! I camp about once a month and this poncho is coming with me on every trip now.

For the price, I highly recommend!"


  • Extremely Water Resistant
  • Well-designed Details
  • Fashionable & Reusable
  • Easy to Use & Portable
  • Necessities in Daily Life


  • visor out of a hard clear plastic
  • Does not include rear lashes
  • Velcro tabs don't line up well
Men's Multifunctional Outdoor Rain Poncho WaterproofRaincoat Jacket

"Other than the size being more like L rather than XL, this is a nice-looking poncho that's very quick to put on and take off. 

Rolling it into its pocket is very handy. Useful for emergencies and outdoor activities."


  • high quality polyester fabric
  • Portable & Compact with a matched pouch
  • Suitable to Men & Women for daily wearing / walking / camping / 
  • Full length stylish hooded long raincoat


  • Poncho is too big
  • Does not do great in huge wind gusts
  • Fails to keep you warm
NUUR Women's Rain Poncho Jacket Waterproof Lightweight Reusable Hiking Rain Coat Jacket with Hood

"Got this just in time for a weekend of rain! It is very stylish. It is light weight which is nice if it is warm outside so you don’t get to hot. 

I got several compliments on the style with people wanting to know where I purchase this from."


  • Enviro-friendly polyester (95%) with PVC (5%) 
  • Heat-sealed seams to produce an effective waterproof
  • Comfort and convenience
  • Handy three-piece snap design and elastic hoop on each side


  • To big
Totes Hooded Pullover Rain Poncho with Side Snaps

"Bought these for my daughter who bikes to school, and sometimes we have rain. 

This is a tradition started by my dad LOL and if I could make it through wearing a "stupid poncho" (my thoughts as a kid) to get to school fairly dry, then so can she! Good quality, seems like they hold up well.

I recently bought a few more packs of 2, because she conveniently "lost" the first one. (Insert eye roll here). These will get her through high school just fine."


  • Affordable price and fits decently
  • Keeps you dry for long
  • Comfort and convenience
  • Very re-usable


  • Seems to large for females
  • Okay for small heads
  • Flimsy material


So there you have the 10 Best Rain Ponchos reviewed in a nutshell.

The review covers everything you need to know before purchasing your next rain poncho for winter or any travel occasion.

If you liked this review about ponchos for winter or any outdoor adventure you're going on next and want to see another review. Then leave a comment below and we'll be happy to hear what you want reviewed.

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