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The holiday season is on the horizon and you're probably thinking "What are the Best Ways to Make Fast Cash Now" without breaking a sweat.

There's nothing better than being prepared for this holiday season and making an extra buck here and there to really help with reducing the pressure.

Making extra cash could really help alleviate the stress that comes with needing money in tough times.

I remember when I was in a hard spot myself! I was at college and I made a terrible financial decision to purchase a new computer and big screen TV on finance. 

Little did I know that would be the end of me financially. However a friend of mine told me I could make money online by doing data entry jobs and that's when I started working as a virtual assistant.

Long gone are those days now, so here I am about to tell you how to make money fast. 

The Hard Cold Facts About Side Hustles

You've obviously come to this article with the intention of making fast cash now however, not all of the ideas I discuss below can get you cash in a day.

The other thing is you've landed on this article because you want to have a side hustle! Am I right?!

Well, you came to the right place and like the other 44 million americans that have side hustles, you too will become a master of hustling for an extra cash now.

Best Ways to Make Fast Cash Now
best ways to make fast cash now
Best Ways to Make Fast Cash Now
Best Ways to Make Fast Cash Now


I wanted to share with you all the possible ways for you to make fast cash now before the holiday season hits.

The list below is both money-saving tips to make money and save money tips and I really hope they help you out in some way.

For Fast Cash Now Here Are My 50 Best Ways To Do So!

#1 - Start a Successful WordPress Blog

This is my number one note that I'm constantly telling people.

Start a blog and put yourself out there, it's the best way to make money for the long haul.  

Create your blog with this easy to follow tutorial you can start a blog for as low as $2.95 a month and as a bonus! You'll will also get a free domain with it. 

If you're still worried, fear not because I created a free 7-Day Blog Challenge Tutorial just for you.

I find that this is one of the best ways to make money.

How To Start a Blog FREE Email Course

In this free course, I show you how to create a blog easily, from the technical side (it's easy - trust me!) all the way to earning your first income and attracting readers. Join now!

Subscribe to our newsletter to receive regular updates and get access to the free course.

#2 - Create a Successful Shopify eCommerce Store

Have you ever dreamed about owning your very own digital store?

Well, the day has arrived! You can use Shopify to build your own empire where you can sell outdoor goods, kitchenware products, fashion items and more.

Use my link to get a free 14-Day Trial and start selling today

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#3 - Sell Products on Amazon

The Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) program is how you start selling on Amazon.

There is an abundant amount of resources on the web and youtube to get you started.

What Amazon does is actually pick, pack and ship your inventory to your customers, removing the headache of doing all of that yourself.

#4 - Answer Surveys

There is a tonne of survey sites that I've come to know about because they're country specific.

I'm going to suggest doing a google search to find out which ones are available in your country/area.

My recommendation is using Survey Junkie because it's the most popular survey company out there that pays cash and rewards for your opinion on surveys.

#5 - Get Ibota

Ibotta is an app that allows you to save money on groceries, clothes and so much more.

All you have to do is scan your receipt in the app and then start saving some money.

#6 - Use Ebates for Online Shopping

The most simple way to make money back is to shop online at places that have cashback incentives.

Ebates supports major brands such as Nike, Macy's, Walmart and so much more.

There's absolutely no cost in using Ebates and it is hassle free. 

All you got to do is sign up, use there shopping links to make purchases online and as a reward you'll get a cashback.

Sign up with my link and get $10 cash back

#7 - Become a Social Media Manager

Seriously, this is a thing! With over 30% of the world's population on Facebook alone it's not hard to see where the world is progressing towards.

Social media mangers typically spend their time managing the accounts of others typically the accounts are for celebrities, bloggers and so forth. 

Your responsibilities include posting relevant content, sharing relevant content and general customer management. 

Making Fast Cash Now as a social media manager includes pitching your services at monthly costs and detailing your responsibilities to your clients.

One social media account should be earning you anywhere from $1000 - $2000 per month.

#8 - Become a Virtual Assistant

Earning money as a virtual assistant is relatively simple. There is an abundant amount of jobs that can be done.

I've also indulged a little bit in being a virtual assistant to earn some extra money and quite frankly, it's not that dull.

As I've mentioned there is a tonne of jobs and these include programming, content writing for bloggers and more. 

Use Upwork.com or Freelancer.com if you want to make extra money as a virtual assistant.

My preference is using Upwork, as I actually managed to make contact with people and got a few programming gigs when programming was my hobby.

#9 - Create Products to Sell

If you're a blogger and you want to take your blog to the next level then you should check out Six-Figure Blogger by Alex and Lauren from Create and Go.

The two of them create this course and it dives deep into creating digital products.

Not only do they teach you how to create products they also teach you how to market and sell your idea. 

I took this course because they make a massive Six-Figures each month and they do it by themselves. Check Out The Course Here.

#10 - Start Affiliate Marketing

If you don't already know what affiliate marketing is then you can skip this section.

For those that don't know affiliate marketing is essentially earning a commission from someone else's product, service or offer.

Commissions can vary from small percentages of the sale price to thousands of dollars.

You must already be benefiting from affiliate marketing if not then, I suggest you start putting it to action. 

I learnt everything I know from this Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner from Making Sense of Cents.

The course is jam packed with information and takes you through the very basics (for those that know absolutely nothing).

#11 - Host a Room With AirBnB

Whenever I travel I always go to AirBnb to checkout what deals they can offer me.

It's usually cheaper to use than most hotel websites, that's why I prefer it. 

You can get hotels or fully equipped houses with a full kitchen if you want.

The other plus side of AirBnb is that you can become a host and start earning money with your room or property.

Sign up to become a host here and get a free credit

#12 - Become an Uber Driver

I always use uber when I go out or when I'm in another city.

Uber is nearly in every country (recently found out it was not in Asia) and is very highly rated. 

The drivers are rated by their rating system so you know who you're getting when you order one. 

Most of the drivers work after their day jobs and their opportunity to meet interesting people is there, on average drivers are earning $100 per night.

Sign up through uber here and get up to $10 credit.

#13 - Proofread Articles

This article needed to be proofread and I had to pay someone to do it.

People are making money just making sure the content is good.

#14 - Launch Online Courses

If you're stuck creating on-line courses then check out Six-Figure Blogger

This course is a must have and Alex and Lauren really know how to dive deep into this area.

#15 - Host Exchange Students

If you're a teacher or just love kids and have a spare room then this is a perfect way to earn extra cash.

Ashley's parents are constantly taking kids from Japan, Korea and China that come on a New Zealand Exchange Programme. 

They can spend either a couple of weeks or a full school term/semester with you.

For one year they hosted a minimum of two students in 4 school terms that equated to a whopping $20,000 in extra cash.

The kids typically get their own spending money and all you have to do is provide food, water and a roof over there heads.

Most kids will have friends that are staying nearby to the kids that you're hosting and they tend to just meet each other

However, if you feel like showing them your town/city just be sure to plan it with them.

#16 - Start Vlogging on Youtube

Youtube is the place to be if you want to create video content.

Video logging or Vlogging is a way to journal your everyday life, activities, hobbies or skills that you have and want to share. 

There are so many content creators on youtube and they share just about everything.

When you first start out your earnings are quite low this is because you won't have an established presence or following.

As you grow your fan base so will your earnings, most people earn about $1000 - $3000 with their channels however super influences can earn millions in a year.

#17 - Start a Cleaning Business

I have a sister in law that started cleaning houses in her spare time which eventually grew into a regular thing.

Yes! There are people that pay for someone to come over and clean, but it's not a maid service.

A made is full-time employment by a homeowner, what this entails is essentially taking a few hours out of your day to go to a place and clean.

You can expect to earn roughly around $40/hour and most people would require 1 - 2 hours of your services daily, if not then at least every two to three days.

#18 - Sell Old Textbooks

Back when me and Ashley were studying at College we'd have to purchase prescribed course textbooks.

That typically was only needed for one semester, after that you'd need to get new ones for the next semester. 

In my third year of my studies, a friend told me that the campus bookshop purchased them back at 80% of the recommended retail price.

I was stoked, I told Ashley and together we sold back our old textbooks for $300.

If your college doesn't buy back books then make sure you check out Facebook groups or your local text book re-seller to take advantage of this.

How to Start a Shopify Store Free Email Course

In this free course, I show you how to create an online shopify store from the technical side (it's easy - trust me!) all the way to making your first sale and customers that buy. Join now!

#19 - Repair Computers

Before being an engineer I was somewhat of a computer nerd (I know right ?!). This proved to be a really good skill to have.

I stumbled onto repairing/restoring desktop computers I was building them in my bedroom. 

Mom and Dad never gave me much pocket money, which meant I had to get a job.

I built my first computer by 15 years old (it only took 9 months of pay) but that led onto gaining a significant understanding of the multiple components that are required for a computer to boot up.

After turning my attention to repairing/restoring computers and was making $200 - $500 per repair and the best part was I got the owner to pay for the parts.

#20 - Repair iPhones, Ipads & Tablets

When the iPhone landed in our hands I just began my College Degree.

After a while, I began noticing the delicate screen it possessed and how easy it was to crack it upon impact. 

I began studying video tutorials on Youtube of how people experimented with the phone which eventually led to screen repairs.

Sourcing new LCD screens from China for $20 per unit and offered an iPhone Screen Repair Service while at College. 

I've made a killing back then, as each repair was getting me $150 per iPhone.

Repairing screens is still a lucrative business however you have to be different in what you offer people.

There are so many phone repair companies that have popped up since then.

#21 - Begin to Mow Lawns

You can definitely earn extra cash mowing lawns on the weekend. You can make money out of gardening tasks in general.

#22 - Coach Someone in Something Your Skilled In

If you are highly skilled at something and someone wants to learn that skill then offering your skills as a service to someone else is one way to make money.

Coaching can be as simple as an email or social media communication or having phone calls.

The other way is guiding the person by providing worked examples.

#23 - Manage Properties

Being a property manager is another way to make money.

Property managers typically ensure that the property is well maintained for the tenant and there are no broken appliances in rental units.

People with a lot of properties generally seek out a property manager to manage their units as the responsibilities can quickly stack up with increasing properties on your portfolio.

#24 - Get Fast Cash Now By Selling a Secondary Car

If you have a spare car that you just don't use anymore or if one of your children have purchased their own car.

The one you got them is no longer in use then go ahead and sell that sucker on eBay for whatever you can get.

#25 - Invest in Realestate

If you have enough equity in your property start talking to your bank and a property investor pick their brains and see if it's worth it to purchase a new property.

Investing in Real estate is a pathway to building wealth if done strategically. It is definitely a long-term game.

#26 - Offer Your Services on Fiverr

Fiver is a company where you can offer your services generally starting at $5 but money is made by offering upsells.

#27 - Become a Mystery Shopper

Want to get paid to eat at restaurants and shop?

Well if you answered Yes, then you need to get into mystery shopping. 

This is country specific and I recommend doing a google search to find out the best companies you can mystery shop for.

I did this when I was 19, it's quite fun and can be addictive. Happy mystery shopping.

#28 - House Sit for Friends & Family

Family or friends going out of town and want you to house sit?

Generally, family members and friends are looking for free opportunities in this instance, but it doesn't hurt to ask to get paid for your time!

After all, you are sitting in a house that contains items that are priceless and cannot be replaced if they were to get stolen.

#29 - Earn Fast Cash Now by Teaching English

There are actually websites where you can teach English and make some money.

VIPkid is a service I've used before and they allow you to work from home teaching English online.

You get to work on your own schedule and can earn $18 an hour.

#30 - Be A Tour Guide

If you live in an area that has exciting monuments that tourists want to actually see, then offer your services as a tour guide.

#31 - Get Fast Cash Now By Entering Competitions

Competitions are everywhere and the prizes can range from monetary to physical items such as iPhones, iPads, Cars or Vacations.

Imagine winning a free vacation to a destination of your choice - Yasssss!

#32 - Tutor in a Subject

If you're not really proficient at teaching a Language or not interested in using VIPkid then teach something you are passionate about.

There are plenty of other subjects that people are passionate about.

#33 - Get Paid Doing Tasks Online

I usually find facebook groups that have people offering you money to do certain tasks for them.

If you're not really into facebook try out Upwork.com

#34 - Ask for An Increase

Have you been getting paid for more than a year on the same salary?

If so, time to ask for a raise! The worse thing that can happen is your boss says no.

Every year around December I'd approach my immediate team leader and ask the question and always got some sort of a raise!

Raises are generally given to 'performers' if you fit into this category then go for it.

#35 - Look for a New Job

If you didn't get the increase you'd been hoping for then just start looking for a new job!

Don't quit your current job though, if you got rejected for an increase then that's no reason to quit.

Hold on to the last thread of energy that gets you to your current work place and use that as fuel to find a new job.

Most places that will take you on are willing to pay you more than what you currently on.

#36 - Have a Garage Sale to Get Fast Cash Now

Do you have plenty of items that are just sitting there collecting dust?

Have the kids grown up and now there's just plenty of toys around?

Gather all those things and blow the dust off them cause you're about to host a garage sale.

Depending on what you have lying around you can expect in excess of a few hundred dollars from garage sales.

#37 - Get Paid to Help with Homework

Wishing you could make money helping kids around the world?

Checkout Studypool for how you can make money helping students with their homework.

#38 - For Fast Cash Now Sell High End Clothing

This is a thing! People shop at clearance stores for high-end brands get them marked down and then resell them with a markup.

If you have items that people want you can easily make $20-50 per item.

Checkout Poshmark for how to sell your high-end clothing.

#39 - Recycle Scrap Metal

Got copper or aluminium lying around?

Instead of throwing it in the dump why not go to a scrap metal yard and sell it for some $$$$.

#40 - Provide IT Help

Are you a computer guru and you have friends and family who haven't got the slightest clue about computers?

Share your expertise with them for a small incentive.

#41 - Fix Gaming Consoles

This is very technical and I learnt to do this off YouTube (seriously YouTube has everything).

What I did was repair the lasers in PlayStation and resell them as second hand. 

I made a tidy profit on each PlayStation unit I sold.

#42 - Import Items & Sell Them with a Markup

Import items and sell them with a markup on facebook or your own private store.

There are tonnes of things you can sell.

I use Shopify to host all my stores and if you Use my link to get a free 14-Day Trial and start selling today.

#43 - Moderate Forums

Online forums and Facebook groups (with thousands of members) will generally pay you to help them moderate the forum.

Just direct message group owners with a nice message of how you will be a benefit for them and if you'll get an incentive.

#44 - Sell Your Crafts on Etsy for Fast Cast Now

Do you like spending time buying sewing patterns to make things but never have a use for them?

Introducing Etsy a marketplace for the creative. 

Personally, I am not into arts and crafts but I know that this marketplace exists and its packed with creative people making all sorts of things.

#45 - Walk Dogs

Post a message on your local community board or check out the paper to see who needs their dogs walked.

Sometimes people are really busy and they wish they had the time to take their loved friend out for a walk.

#46 - Babysit for Friends and Family

Babysitting for new parents is probably a really good way to help the parents get out for the night and also for you to earn some money.

Your going rate should be negotiable with the people requiring your service.

#47 - Edit Content

This post is over 3000 words long and I had to pay someone to edit and review my content.

I hope they did a good job:)!

Checkout Upwork for editing jobs.

#48 - Post on Social Media

Make money helping page moderators post content to their social media profiles.

Everyone needs their content to be posted regularly. Some of us just don't have the time to do everything.

#49 - Easily Get Fast Cash Now by Testing Websites

Seriously you can make money testing websites for people!

Check out Usertesting to see how

#50 - Create Video Courses on Udemy

Udemy is a great place to start making fast cash now and some of the people on the make a decent living.

The good thing about udemy is that courses don't have to be extremely long, they can be as short as an hour and people will buy your content (well, if it's something they need)

That is my 50 Ways to Make Fast Cash Now all the time

These are some of the best ways to make fast cash now that can be used all the time.

Trust me there is a lot of ways you can make money but these are both legitimate and easy to grasp. 

Important Resources

These are companies and courses/services I've personally vetted and recommend.

Marco B @ Bottom Line Cents

Marco is the founder of Bottom Line Cents, a blog about travel and personal finance. He primarily talks about ways to make money online with side income. He has paid off over $40,000 in student debt due to his side gigs and his thriving nature to succeed.