Blogging vs Vlogging: 10 Staggering Points To Help You Decide

Here are 10 staggering points and tips on blogging vs vlogging to help you overcome your confusion in which is better.

Blogging or vlogging can be a great tool to communicate your thoughts and ideas with the world, but which one is going to be perfect for you?

You’ve landed here today because it’s been weighing heavy on your mind! Do you start a blog or do you start a vlog?

It’s probably crossed your mind that you may think it’s probably to late to start blogging and there’s no value to add, no money to make! Zero! Nada! Zilch!

Wrooooooong! Blogging is not dying and no, blogging is not dead! Who ever told you this, has probably tried it and failed miserably!

There are a tonne of successful bloggers today, all of them still post content on a regular basis.

Reading will never go out of fashion, and sharing your thoughts, ideas and processes on your blog with the world has become even simpler than before.

With all that said, maybe you’re just not a content writing kind of guy or gal! Maybe you strive to put yourself on a personal vlog for the world to see. Or maybe writing about makeup tutorials is harder than just showing people with videos.

This post is dedicated to help you decide whether blogging or vlogging is for you!

blogging vs vlogging

Overview: Blogging vs Vlogging

Now, there are a couple things that we will cover in this article today such as what is blogging and what is vlogging.

There might be some confusion between the two but we will clarify that today. If you feel like skipping to a certain section, feel free to use the table of contents below to help you decide.

Lets get the show on the road!

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What is Blogging?

So what exactly is blogging?

Blogging is a form of written content expressing yourself on the internet, it can be your thoughts, ideas, tutorials, how to’s or it can literally be anything. Antalya Escort Bayanlar

For example this blog is about eCommerce, Making and Saving money and now also about blogging tips.

I create content, like this, add a few images, sprinkle a bit of zest and wallah! A blog post is born.

My ideas are not random though and it begins with a bit of research. The research is basically, what are users searching for on google.

Once you’ve found a blog topic, then all you got to do is structure it and write.

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What is Vlogging?

Vlogging is somewhat similiar to blogging, however everything is in video format and uploaded to platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo. According to wiki, the full term is called video blog or video log, shortened to vlog.

You’ll still create content in a particular area (called a niche) for people to find. If you didn’t research your topic, then your videos go lost in a sea full of fish guts and other random videos!

It requires you to also edit your content before submission, so any bloopers you may have need to be removed. Sounds, images and examples get added as props to your video to give it zest.

blogging vs vlogging

Point #1 – Is There a Difference Between a Blog and a Website

Blogs are more dynamic and are updated more regularly and  users can add comments and like posts where a website stays static over longer periods of time.

They are super simple to manage and doesn’t require pricey experts which you can manage yourself.

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Point #2 – What Do You Need to Start a Blog: Blogging vs Vlogging

You! The main component to it is you and your creative mind!

The crucial aspect to a blog is content and ideas on how you will help someone understand something. Blogs are really useful to people because they help them inform people on a topic or subject.

You will need a platform such as wordpress to manage your content. Publishing is simple with literally a few mouse clicks.

With blogging the internet is your oyster. Share what’s on your mind for anyone with access to your blog to hear what you have to say.

Blogs can also promote the content of your vlogs and they can work together.

blogging vs vlogging

Point #3 – Things you Need to Start a Vlog

Your phone (which acts as a camera) and a platform such as youtube which manages online content.

Vlogs are easy to shoot but editing might need some skill in software such as adobe premier pro.

Videos are easy to take in and content producers are incentivised to produce content through ads.

With vlogs you can live stream. However you have to try to avoid mistakes and you may be subject to harmful messages. Create things like how-to-videos, guest speakers, reviews are just some of the types of vlogging videos you can create.

Like I said the internet is your oyster.

I started vlogging to supplement my blog content, check out some of my videos below.

Point #4 – What are the essential skills to having a blog or a vlog?

In Blogging vs Vlogging, you need to have writing and grammatical skills which are essential for blog writing. No body wants to read an article full of errors, so proof reading is key.

Using tools like Grammarly can definitely be really helpful with grammar. It can save you tonnes of time with proof reading, punctuation and spelling. So you don’t need to hire a proof reader at $30 an hour to proof read your posts.

In-fact, I have been using Grammarly for over 9 years now (I used it to help with my college essays and assignments).

When it comes to vlogging, charimisa is king! Skills and language are crucial to making your videos interesting and having your audience like you.

What I found works best is to write scripts, following a script will make your video 10 times better than just freestyling it.

Point #5 – Management: Blogging vs Vlogging

Managing a blog through tumbler or wordpress just to name a few and managing a vlog through youtube is important to stay on top of the content you produce.

Continually producing fresh content helps you stay on top of the game; which brings us to the purpose or goal which is to be a source for a particular niche or topic.

Point #6 – Vlogging Costs & Making Money Vlogging

Vlogs especially – green screens, different locations, recording equipment such as mics and video cameras are all things you are going to need to make high quality videos for your audience.

Affiliate links might be harder to insert compared to a blog. Becoming a YouTube partner is not available in all countries to link to third party ads.

Point #7 – Real Cost of Blogging and Making Money

For having a blog you can either use free platforms such as blogger, but the downside is you don’t own the site.

This can be a real issue if you want to either do partnerships, sell your blog or sell advertisement places on your blog.

I suggest getting private hosting from a place such as Bluehost and installing WordPress. Bluehost is what I run this blog on now, and it hasn’t given me problems since I started it.

So choosing a good affordable host is what I recommend.

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Point #8 – Are There Vlogging or Blogging Rules

With blogging vs vlogging your content must comply with the rules of the platforms found on the websites such as the youtube terms and conditions.

For example your video could be taken down by youtube if it doesn’t comply. Things such as nudity, spam, and hateful content will most likely cause your video to be taken down.

To make the most of both platforms you can have one that supports the other. Transcripts of videos are another way of making your videos accessible to those that can’t hear.

Point #9 – The Pitfalls of Blogging vs Vlogging

Just like anything out on the internet there are pitfalls you need to be aware of. The major pitfall when it comes to vlogging is that it requires a huge amount of time editing your content.

I mean once you’re done recording it you’ll have to spend a few hours slicing clips, adding sound effects (if you want to spice up your vlog) or doing cool cutscenes.

Those are just some of the things I had to do when running my vlog (yes, I have a vlog also, check out my YouTube Channel).

The major pitfall with blogging is that it can often be very hard to get your content out in front of the masses. There are ways around it and I found that getting traffic with Pinterest initially was key to my blog content getting read.

You can read my full review here: How I got a 300% Increase in traffic in a short time.

Point #10 – Benefits of Blogging vs Vlogging

Having your own blog and website would mean your content will be online forever, as opposed to a video platform like YouTube (they can disappear overnight).

Many people, companies and professionals create blogs as an extension to their website, so that they can get highly targeted traffic to their companies.

The other benefit is you don’t need expensive video equipment to make nice high quality blog posts, however you’ll need this for creating a good YouTube Video.

A good vlogging camera can set you back a minimum of $500 (which is way more than starting a blog).

You can start a blog for as low as $3.95 a month, which is the price of a cup of coffee! Now what are you waiting for lets get your blog started.

A Little Background About Bottom Line Cents

I started Bottom Line Cents in 2018, so it is nearly 2 years old! It’s a Blog on eCommerce, Personal Finance and the odd blogging post to help new bloggers.

When you are ready to start a blog, you can follow this detailed step by step tutorial on how to start a WordPress blog.

Use the blog name check below to see if your blog name is actually available, as a lot of times it may not be. If it is available, I recommend securing it relatively quickly as when you check back it may be gone (my personal experience).

Blog Name Checker Tool

Conclusion to Blogging vs Vlogging

So that wraps it up guys. Those are a few things to get you started on your way to deciding whether to create a blog or a vlog or both!

We’ve covered things like what is blogging and vlogging, the types of equipment you need and the platforms to get started to create content and some of the rules involved.

With blogging vs vlogging you don’t have to be fixed to one or the other, you can do both! However to develop a natural ability for creating great content, starting a blog first before a vlog can be very beneficial.

For example I started this blog first, and then I moved onto making YouTube videos. I’m still camera shy and it takes me forever to create a video to upload as opposed to a blog post which I can draft in an hour!

If you have any questions on this article be sure to comment in the comments section. Until next time.

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