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Day 2 Blogging Course - Blog Ideas and Tips - Bottom Line Cents
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Welcome to Day 2 !

Knowing what to blog about from the outset can be a difficult task for some, but let me reassure you it is not !

My recommendation is choosing a topic that you are somewhat passionate about and that you have an interest in. This would make writing about the topic far more enjoyable and less of a ‘must do task’ – like a job.

Topics or ‘Niches’ are essentially what people talk about on their blogs and it can be just one niche or many, depending on what you wish to write about. I recommend starting with one or two topics and then expand from there (only if you wish to write about more topics).

The world is your oyster you can blog about anything and everything !

To get your started, I compiled a list of popular topics to blog about:

  • Lifestyle;
  • Travel;
  • Health & Fitness;
  • Parenting;
  • Single Mom’s;
  • DIY;
  • Outdoors;
  • Animals;
  • Music;
  • Weight Training;
  • Photography;
  • Sports;
  • Gaming;
  • Beauty/Cosmetics;
  • Cars;
  • Personal Finance;
  • Fashion; and
  • Food.

Just to name a few (the list can continue), and that’s what I love about blogging it can be about anything really.

What if I’m Not An Expert in Any of Those Topics?

You don’t really need to be an expert to share your own opinion on any of these topics but there are things that you need to be aware of before sharing advice. For example my blog is on travel and personal finance, I’m not an accountant so cannot give accounting/taxation or any type of accounting advice and its best seeked out by a practicing accountant, however I do manage my own personal finance and I share tips with you of ways to save money and make money for you to implement in your daily life to better yourself and that doesn’t require me to have a financial degree of any sort.

How Do I Make a Great Blog Name?

Before getting bogged down and thinking of a name for your blog, why not try to engineer a name based on what your blog is actually about. Think about the following:

  • Your Blogs Reason and Its Purpose;
  • Who Is Your Target Audience; and
  • Will You Be Building a Brand.

Here’s my tips on creating a blog name:

  • Make it Easy. There’s nothing worse than having a long winded blog name that is not that easy to type into the search browser. My recommendation is aim for producing a name that is short, catchy and sticks in peoples minds. If it’s catchy it could almost always get you more brownie points with your audience than opposed to a competitors blog.
  • Take Inspiration from Everything Around You. There’s no need to conform to rules and being dictated by the norm ! Your blog name can be what it wants and this plays on making it easy and catchy for your audience to remember.
  • Use Abbreviations. If you have come up with the perfect blog name but you’re finding yourself stuck in the mud, why not abbreviate that long tailed website name. Use acronyms to shorten it and on your front page you could spell out the identity of the blog.
  • Use a Thesaurus. At times the blog name you come up with is probably taken by someone else, why not use a thesaurus to use alternative words that mean the same thing. A thesaurus can make the task much easier instead of trying to think of alternatives yourself.

Well, that sums up today’s lesson. Your task for today is to think about what you’d want to blog about and tomorrow you’ll receive the next lesson that will help you create your very own blog. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s lesson.

Marco Baatjes Bottom Line Cents

P.s : If you’re like me and can’t wait 7 days, why not start your blog today in less than 10 minutes, just head over here :

How To Start a Blog on WordPress with Bluehost

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