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Day 5: My Tips to Passive Income from Blogging - Bottom Line Cents
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Welcome to Day 5 !

The best way to achieve a passive income online is through affiliate marketing. Yes there is affiliate marketing links within this email.

As mentioned in Day 4, affiliate marketing is when you place a link on your website or blog post that contains your referral link which was given to you by the company you are affiliated with. You earn money from this when someone buys through your link.

I generally think that this is good because if you find a product that you love, you’ll recommend it to others and then others would have the same positive experience as you and promote it for themselves.

Why is affiliate marketing great? Well imagine creating a blog post or guest post today, and in a few years time you’re still receiving income from it ! Now that’s what I call great and its exactly why I love it.

There’s nothing better than that !

If you’re interested in starting a blog, I created a simple tutorial for you to follow that will help you start your own blog for cheapstarting at only $3.95 per month (this is exclusively through my link) for blog hosting. In addition to this very low pricing, you will receive a free website domain ( $15 value) through my Bluehost link if you purchase, at least, 12 months of blog hosting.

Premium Tip: My most valued tip to making money blogging is to be self-hosted (instead of on a free blogging platform). This is the best way to monetize your blog as it allows you to be more professional which can help quite a bit.

Here is some of my tips for increasing your affiliate income:

  • Provide Real Reviews: When you buy a product why not write a real review with an honest opinion about it. I like to discuss the pros and cons of products that I buy as it will allow others to really see if they will benefit from it or not. If you lie about your review you will most likely get the consumer making a complaint and requesting a refund, which means no commission for you.
  • Ask for Incentives: If you are selling a product really well for your affiliated company, why not ask for a high commission. The only worse thing that can happen here is they say ‘no’, if so they could risk losing your and the money you bring them. Be creative when asking for a higher commission.
  • Publish Videos: If you’ve learnt something useful from a course, simply demonstrate what you’ve learnt with a short video teaser. The teaser can show insider tips to doing something more effectively. Promote your affiliate link within the video and also the video description so that your audience knows where you found that neat trick.
  • Join Affiliate Programs: There are many different affiliate programs to check out. These include Max Bounty, Avant Link, ClickBank, and so on. If you enjoy a product, there is probably some sort of affiliate out there for it.
  • Don’t Over Do It: There’s no need to be spammy with affiliate links. A few times in an email or a post is enough. If you do end up going overboard there is a high chance that your subscriber will not click any of the links as they think its not an authoritative website.

That’s it for today’s lesson ! Tomorrow I’ll be discussing ways to get more traffic to your blog and increasing your followers.

Marco Baatjes Bottom Line Cents

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