Do I Need SiteLock Security on Bluehost

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Do I need sitelock security on bluehost? A question that most of us asks ourselves when purchasing new hosting! 

When I first started blogging I had no idea what SiteLock was, and like you, I was just getting started with this site so ended up buying it.

It wasn’t overly costly, but I truely wish there was some better guidance around it so that you can be aware of what you are buying.

So that’s what really inspired this little mini-article about SiteLock essential security. I’m going to cover the answer to the question that brought you here in the first place, but also I’m going to cover some related issues you may have.

Hopefully, I cover it all but if not feel free to leave a comment in the box below and will include that when I update this post.

Do I need sitelock security on bluehost?

Plain and simple, no you do not need to get SiteLock security on bluehost when purchasing a new hosting plan.

This is something I wish I knew when I started Bottom Line Cents just over two years ago, when my plan renewed I made sure to disable it so that I wasn’t charged again.

If you do happen to mistakenly add this option on when checking out, then don’t worry you can apply for a refund with Bluehost and most of the time you’ll be eligible for it.

But be wary, I canceled mine but somehow it magically was ticked again and was due to renew. So always check your bluehost account, in case it gets enabled again and you get build for it.

If you can’t get a refund, then just let it be and use the benefits it comes with. There are plenty of free wordpress plugins that do a similar job to what site host does in my opinion.

Do I need sitelock security on bluehost

Is it important to purchase SiteLock from Bluehost

Sitelock is a package extra that is recommended, but it is not important to purchase it! A lot of hosting companies, including bluehost push this product so that they can improve their sales overall.

In a nutshell, there are plenty of free WordPress plugins that will do the same that SiteLock does and it will not cost you 1 penny.

Feel free to not purchase SiteLock from bluehost when getting a new hosting account to save yourself some serious cash.

What is SiteLock security bluehost?

SiteLock essential security for bluehost allows you to protect your website from malware and external attacks from hackers.

It can also protect your website from landing on google’s blacklists, which can often lead to downtime on your site.

In order to end up on a search engine’s blacklist you’ll need to be doing some pretty shady SEO, that is often detected by their algorithms.

If you do get a malware attack on your site, then SiteLock essential provides you with automated malware removal.

But again, generally, you can get some pretty decent WordPress plugins like Akismet Anti-Spam plugin, which stops all these nasty spam attacks on your new website.

How do I remove SiteLock from Bluehost?

When signing up for a new hosting plan with Bluehost, removing SiteLock security from your purchase is as simple as unticking the checkbox under “Package Extras” when checking out.

  1. To fully remove SiteLock add on from Bluehost login to your bluehost account, on the top right click your profile image.
  2. Next select “Products”, and scroll to the bottom of the account screen and under “Products and Services” you’ll see Sitelock Security for your domains.
  3. Click the three dots and select “Set to Expire”, this will let the add on expire and you won’t get billed for it when you’re up for renewal.
do i need sitelock security on bluehost

Unfortunately, you cannot fully remove the product so the best you can do is make sure it doesn’t renew when you’re hosting comes up for renewal.

It is a bit of an annoying thing to do, but I normally get reminder emails to when my hosting will expire. These emails are usually a good reminder for removing it from the renewable products list.

Once you’ve set it to expire, you shouldn’t get charged for it at all, however, if you missed this cut off date then get in touch with Bluehost support and request a refund.

how to cancel sitelock on bluehost

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How much does Sitelock Cost? 

Site lock security costs around $2.99 per month, and is billed annually for the length of your plan. So if you get a 36 month plan, you’ll be charged around $107.64 on top of your hosting costs.

It can definitely be a major addition that is not needed when you purchase the domain, and to be honest I could have saved myself a bit of money if I knew all these things.

If you really want to get SiteLock, then that is the cost! However, you could use this money on something else for your blog, like getting a premium theme or visual page builder like thrive architect.

Eventually, when you want to look a little professional, you’ll need to invest in these other WordPress tools that are not free.

how much does sitelock cost

Final Thoughts

To summarise, no you do not need sitelock security on bluehost! Sitelock is a great addition that can unnecessarily increase the startup costs of your blog, which is not needed.

Instead, get free WordPress plugins that can do the majority of what this package extra costs and then use that money to invest in premium blog theme or something else you may actually need to pay for.

If I knew these little things when I started this blog, I would have saved myself so many costs as I’ve renewed Bottom Line Cents now over two years, and got billed each time for SiteLock.

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