6 Ultimate Must Know Ebates Sign Up Bonus Hacks

Today I want to discuss the 6 Ultimate Must Know Ebates Sign Up Bonus Hacks!

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Most of you know the power of Ebates and their cash back programme.

If you don't know what Ebates is, it is a website that gives you cash back rewards just for shopping.

I know right?! How crazy does that sound! It's pretty crazy and true alright, Ebates has partnered with some amazing brands including Amazon to name a few.

This is the Sign Up bonus scheme that you need to be a part of.

Ebates has no catch, in fact, they want to help you save money!

They have partnered with everyday brands you already probably shop at such as Macy's, Walmart, Kohl's and if you shop online and not using Ebates you are leaving money on the table.

If you have not used Ebates to get some good money hacks then I recommend you sign up.

Sign up with Ebates with my link to get a $10 Ebates bonus when you spend your first $25:

Did I forget to mention that there is no catch with Ebates! It's totally free and definitely not a scam.

I use it all the time when shopping online, even when I'm buying textbooks from Book Depository which gives me small savings, but still a savings that can be better spent elsewhere.

If you have been using Ebates but only for its core function, which is spending and saving then you are missing out on some other hacks that you should take advantage of.

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However most people sign up and completely forget about its functions and this is where I step in to help you with a few sign up bonus hacks.

When I signed up I was excited however when I made purchases online, Ebate didn't spring to mind and then I would lose out on that particular chance to make a cash back savings.

This is when I did a little bit of research to see what sort of hacks and bonus tricks there are to ebates and from my research I have found the following tips;

  • Signing up to and Creating Lists
  • Installing the Cashback Button Bonus;
  • Getting the Cashback smartphone App;
  • Automatic Coupon Scanning Bonus;
  • Travel and Vacation Hacks;
  • Cashback instore Bonus.

Here are my 6 Ultimate Must Know Ebates Sign Up Bonus Hacks

Signing up to Ebates and Creating Lists

There is a huge amount of retailers that have partnered with Ebates! In fact, a whopping 2000 stores offer some form of a cash rebate.

If you constantly shop at a particular store such as Macy's or Kohl's then I recommend adding them to your favourite store list so that you don't need to hunt for them each time.

To do this simply find the store of interest and add them to your favourites as shown in the image above.

You can find all your favourite stores by clicking your account name and from the drop-down selecting "Favourite Stores"

They also recommends favourite stores for you within this page so you don't need to search for everyone as the most popular stores get recommended to customers.

Installing the Ebates Cashback Button Bonus

If you didn't know that they has a browser extension for google chrome website browser.

When you log in for the first time or next time there's a little pop-up button below the screen.

Notice where it says "Add to Chrome", yeh you want to click this button and install the browser button.

The good and most useful thing about the browser extension is that cash back rewards can be activated at the click of a button.

Check out the image below which portrays the power of the chrome extension button.

Now, wherever you go shop and the store is a partner of Ebates the cashback will be displayed.

In this example, I went to Book Depository and as you can see the upper right corner a button popup came to my aid.

You may think this can be annoying or frustrating, but it does serve as a reminder that you can get a cashback rebate from the store you're visiting.

I don't know about you, but I'm so forgetful at times and this tool saves me behind all the time.

Getting the Ebates Sign Up Bonus Cashback smartphone App

Most of us are on the road, at the gym or on public transport. That means some of us will kill time with our smartphones.

If you pass time by with shopping or looking for new things to purchase, then you need to get the Ebates smartphone app.

The app means you don't need to load up the tiny phone web browser and it's already linked to all the stores as shown on the Ebates desktop website.

Ebates Automatic Coupon Scanning Bonus

Once upon a time retailers only allowed you to use one coupon when making a purchase (well it was that or Ebates).

They have now changed the game and allow you to use Ebates and store coupons to save even more!

To do this browse the merchants' section of Ebates and see who is offering this kind of incentive.

Ebates Travel and Vacation Hacks

Did you know that Ebates allows you to save on travel and vacation as well?!

If you didn't know you know. Seriously you need to take advantage of this incentive if you are not already.

On the top menu simply click "Travel and Vacations" to take advantage of this.

Most of us probably think that Ebates is only used to purchase materialistic things.

These guys are really making it happen by offering savings on non-materialistic things such as travel and vacations.

Now you can save money on the following;

  • Save money on Hotels and Rentals;
  • Also Save money on car rentals;
  • You Save money and get cheap flights;
  • Get a holiday package and save money;

Instore Ebates Signup Bonus Cashback

Most people do their shopping online and save money on things this way. But what if you're just wanting a good old fashioned retail therapy experience.

Well, you guessed it! You can go in-store and get Ebates cashback this way as well.

To do this, you need to link a debit or credit card to your Ebates profile and link the card to the available cashback incentive.

Unfortunately, the in-store programme is only available to U.S consumers and also at particular stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond, The Body Shop and American Eagle.

There are other stores, just visit the Ebates website to get the full list.

That's about it for the 6 Ultimate Must Know Ebates Sign Up Bonus Hacks!

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