Things to Do in Cambodia Itinerary 4 days

Ashley and I were recently travelled abroad to take a holiday in Cambodia. We were there for 9 total days but I thought I’d summarise the stay in a Cambodia Itinerary 4 days of Excitementpost, instead of things to do in Cambodia.

The 4 Day Itinerary includes seeing all the temples most people recommend, however, we also found other things to do that made our trip all the more worthwhile.


Those of you who don’t know, we left our jobs at the beginning of August, this year, and went on a holiday in Cambodia. twitter takipçi satın al

More on this later as my blog develops. For now, I want to share with all of you our recent trip to Cambodia.

Things to Do in Cambodia 4 Day Itinerary

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The Cambodia trip lasted for nine days in total but only 4 of those days we were out doing things. Staying in Siem Reap for about 4 days total and then flew out to Phnom Pehn.

So this is a post for you on a Holiday in Cambodia Itinerary 4 days.

Recommendations for your Stay on your Holiday in Cambodia

While there we were only a total of nine days in Cambodia we were between Siem Reap and Phnom Pehn so had to get two lots of accommodation.

Staying at Heaven Angkor Residence in Siem Reap. Also, Home Chic Hotel in Phnom Pehn which we got through Both provided a comfortable stay, but the thing I liked most about these places was that they offered their tour services to see local attractions.

This saved the hassle of actually going elsewhere to plan our activities for our 4 Day Cambodia Itinerary.

Home Chic Hotel had the best bubble tea right down in the hotel lobby. Mmmmm delicious bubble tea I can’t live without you (it’s our new fave besides chocolate).


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Before I get into our Cambodia Itinerary 4 days, I wanted to discuss some of the interactions you may experience in Cambodia with the locals as a tourist:

  • You need to bring with you American Dollars however it is necessary to have small denominations of the currency. Not a lot of people have change for $20, $50 or $100 bills.
  • $100 bills are completely out of question so don’t bother with them (or break before you leave your home country).

When you do pay in USD you’ll get the change in their local currency, the Riel, which is not exchangeable outside of Cambodia. So do bear this in mind.

The other notable things are:

  • Being bombarded by tuk-tuk drivers (there is an abundance of them in the main center – near pub street)
  • In Seim Reap, there is a lot of street vendors trying to sell you pants for temples, scarfs, water, coconut. You can expect to be talked to by a number of vendors as you walk down the street or close to the entrance of temples.
  • There are also “tour guides” selling their services at the entrance of temples. Although I have nothing against this, if you don’t want it just politely so no thank you, and continue walking.

Things to Do in Cambodia 4 Day Itinerary

How do I organize my temple visit?

A map below which portrays what tours are available to the public;

4 Day Cambodia Itinerary

The red outline on the map is called the “Small Circuit” and the orange outline called the “Grand Circuit”.  These circuits contain popular temples.

Be sure to book your tour through our hotel which offered a private driver and an air-conditioned car. Why do this and not experience the culture?

Well, because it’s scorching hot and you’re in the sun for over 5 hours for the “small circuit” alone.

So it’s not a bad option, especially if you have elderly, kids or infants with you. $95USD got us a 2-day tour with the car.

The tour was only two days, but the hotel offered more days.

We only opted for two days because our stay was short and we were rather tired after each circuit. Using a day in between as a rest day.

Without further chit-chat, I’ll get straight into it. Here is your

Holiday in Cambodia Itinerary 4 Days!

Arriving at Siem Reap, Cambodia on the 9th of September and got picked up by the hotel’s driver. Which made for a hassle-free connection from the airport to the hotel.

holiday in cambodia

This was the ride above, it was nice and relaxing and best of all didn’t cost a dime:).

When we arrived we got settled in, unpacked all our things and relaxed for a bit before planning our itinerary with the hotel.

On the First Day

A holiday in Cambodia could start with Angkor Wat. Angkor covers an amazingly large land area of 400

Try to start your day at 7 am, slapped some sun-screen on your delicate faces and head out the door to start the “small circuit”.

You may not have time to see all the temples but below is a recommendation on what to see;

Angkor Wat

holiday in cambodia

Angkor Wat

Everyone has heard of this temple, it is the most iconic one and also known as the “City of Temples”. These ruins were constructed in the 12th Century and considered the largest religious monument in the world.

This place is seriously huge! We spent a couple of hours here just wondering around and taking it all in and if you’re lucky enough you’ll see a monkey.

Angkor Thom

holiday in cambodia

Angkor Thom

It is a moted city which is covered by walls and there are various temples within the ancient city.

Temples inside the ancient city include Bayon, Victory Gate, Thommanom, Chau Say Thevoda, and Banteay Kdei just to name a few.

Compared to Angkor Wat the temples inside Angkor Thom are not as monumental or grand. Most people tend to skip this off their tour but it has equal importance to the Cambodian people.


The picture above is actually of Bayon which is inside Angkor Thom and is famous for its tall towers with human-like faces on them.

These towers were constructed in the late 12th Century by the Khmer Empire of the time an is at the centre of Angkor Thom.

Remember to show your valid ticket pass to the ticket inspectors at each gate or you won’t be able to explore this ancient relic.

Things to Do in Cambodia 4 Day Itinerary

Victory Gate

holiday in cambodia

Victory Gate

This gate is the north-east of the south gate of the Angkor Thom Kingdom. On the other side is a bridge which has two rows of figures that have the body of a seven-headed naga.

Unlike Angkor Wat, there are not as many tourists at this gate or hawkers selling things.

After the red circuit, we were completely tired and decided to take a day off to re-capture our strength and mentality for the next tour day.

Need a Day Off by Now?

Starting to feel really tired after the first tour day of the red circuit? Take a break, it was basically like 6 hours of solid labour.

You really need to take a day off on your holiday in Cambodia to explore your surroundings and really get the feel for the town you’re staying in.

On your day off you need to explore Siem Reap a little, also, try to find “Pub Street”, it’s an amazing street with lots of nightlife.

holiday in cambodia

Pub Street

We managed to find a nice bar that served great food and drink.  They had beers for 50c (I know – how cheap right).

The Second Day Cambodia Itinerary 4 Days

After recovering for a full 24-hours get ready to get out and explore some more temples. This included temples from the Grand Circuit.

Banteay Srei

cambodia itinerary 4 days

Banteay Srei

Banteay Srei is a Hindu Temple which is actually located out of the grand circuit by 20km or so. The Driver took a while to get there but it is totally worth seeing.

This temple was constructed in the 10th century and was constructed to honour the god Shiva.

I recommend seeing this first thing in the morning to avoid major crowds.

If you leave early you’ll be one of the first few people here, leaving our hotel at 8 am and arriving around 9 am and tour buses were beginning to flock to the monument as we were leaving (around 9:50 am).

Ta Som

holiday in cambodia

Ta Som

Right after our trip to Banteay Srei, we made our way back into the grand circuit. Our first stop on the circuit was Ta som and is located to the east of the Angkor Kingdom.

The construction of this temple complex was between 1190 and 1210 and makes it a historical significance as it was part of the last phase of the Bayon period.

There weren’t many people here on the day we went but we figured because it was raining most people would have cancelled their trip.

All Templed-Out in Your Cambodia Itinerary 4 Days?

Our tour of the grand circuit had us seeing some other temples such as Pre Rup, East Mebon and Neak Pean and I recommend seeing these as well.

After our second tour day we were so templed-out we needed another day off to explore our local surroundings.

If you want to continue seeing things most hotels or tour guides offer a 3 or even 4-day tour. The 3 and 4-day tour includes seeing sites such as;

  • Tonle Sap lake;
  • Boat trips to see the floating market.
  • Local fish farm visit;
  • Kulen Mountain;

The day after our rest day we caught a plane to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

We caught a local tuk-tuk to our apartment which was 30 minutes from the airport. There are a few notable things I need to mention if you travel to Phnom Penh.

Notable Things To Keep Safe on Your Holiday in Cambodia

The most notable thing is a petty crime. While you are on holiday in Cambodia you need to be well aware of your surroundings and make sure you keep valuables close to your side.

Side bags or purses that women carry are a target of petty crime. You may be walking along the side streets be sure to hold on as people on scooters can drive by and snatch your bag.

If you are also on a tuk-tuk and browsing your phone, be sure to keep it close to you and watch your surroundings.

Thankfully nothing bad happened to us as our driver had warned us about the local people. He also offered his services for being a tour driver to the killing fields and other attractions.

Day 3 of Cambodia Itinerary 4 Days

cambodia itinerary 4 days

Killing Fields

The most influential aspect of our holiday in Cambodia was the killing fields.

For those who don’t know, the killing fields are a collection of sites were innocent Cambodians were killed under the ruling of the Khmer Rouge.

Khmer Rouge came to power in 1975 and most thought it was a political party that would change Cambodia for the good. However, they rounded up well-educated citizens and drove them to the forest where they were required to perform farm work.

Most of these people couldn’t withstand the living conditions and fell ill or were unable to work because of physical impairments. These people were sent to the killing fields to be put down.

It was a rough time in Cambodia and for reasons of sensitivity, I’m not going to go into detail.

Instead, a recommendation to you is to visit the killing fields and S-21 Prison on your holiday in Cambodia to really appreciate how lucky we are.

holiday in cambodia

S21 Prison

If you have time on your Cambodia Itinerary then I recommend seeing the Cambodian Landmine Museum in Siem Reap however, a fire broke out when we were there.

Definitely would have been good to see this as it really connects the whole Khmer Rouge history as it would have really broadened our understanding of the whole error.

Our Cambodia Itinerary 4 Days – Day 4

On our 4th Day of activities in Cambodia, we just decided to see the last things that we could, however, you could add this to knock it off your list.

It was pretty insightful and highly recommend adding this on your bucket list if you have the time (and if you made it to Phnom Penh)

National Museum of Cambodia

holiday in cambodia

National Museum

The National Museum of Cambodia was something different compared to all the temples you could see in Siem Reap.

An amazing place that contains ancient artifacts dating back to the 10th Century.

Also, it is important that you ask for an audio guide in your preferred language as it really helps paint the picture of the history of the artifacts, compared to walking around just staring at them.

Royal Palace

cambodia itinerary 4 days

Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is a building complex that serves as the royal residence of the King.

This is a huge complex that was constructed in 1866 and the site consists of the Throne Hall, Moonlight of Pavilion, Silver Pagoda, Khemarin Palace, and other structures.

It is a very unique place to visit and it is very important that you wear appropriate clothing. Women are required to be covered over the shoulders and wear a dress or pants.  Men should wear shorts and a shirt (no singlets/tank tops).

Consider yourself a person that absolutely loves going to monuments/temples then this is a must do on your Cambodia Itinerary 4 days.

Independence Monument

cambodia itinerary 4 days

Independence Monument

On the final night, you could take a stroll and find the Independence Monument.

It’s located in Phnom Penh on the main road (not sure about an address, but just ask a tour guide to direct you).

The monument was constructed in 1958 and symbolizes Cambodia’s independence from France.

This structure itself is absolutely stunning at night time as it lights up with different shades of colours.

So that is a Cambodia Itinerary in 4 Days

That’s basically a Cambodia Itinerary 4 days in a nutshell, although we were there for only 9 days we managed to see quite a bit. Sharing with you valuable insight into your Cambodia experience will help you plan a notable itinerary.

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