5 Methods on How to Find Shopify Stores for Product Research in 2020

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So you've just started a Shopify shop and want to know how to find shopify stores so that you can do some product research.

Today I want to share 5 methods with you do to product research from stores that most people haven't stumbled across before.

The reason we want to find such stores is that the competition is much lower. This will allow you to piggy back off other's success, before other's get their hands on the products.

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Find Shopify Stores for Product Research

1. Find Shopify Stores using Facebook

Facebook is probably one of the most frequently used places on how to find shopify stores and find new product ideas and also stores selling cool products.

how to find shopify stores

Simply open your Facebook newsfeed and start scrolling until you come across a video ad promoting a product. Usually the advertisement will have keywords such as;

  • 50% off for a limited time;
  • Free shipping;
  • People are going crazy for this.

This is how you know that it is most likely a dropshipping store promoting the product.

The product should also resemble something that can most likely be sourced on Aliexpress so that you can dropship this product too.

On a daily basis I get displayed about 10 - 20 products that I can potentially promote. However instead of trying to promote all 20, take note of which products have the following traits:

  1. Has a wow factor;
  2. Solves a problem for the customer;
  3. Can't be found in physical shops;
  4. People are genuinely interested (confirmed by social engagement).

2. Use Tik Tok to Find Stores

This is a completely new method of how to find shopify stores for product research. I only stumbled across this, not so long ago.

If you don't know Tik tok is like the app vine, people create 15 second videos either lip syncing, dancing or just creating comedy skits.

What I started noticing recently when scrolling the feeds was that there are actually dropshipping stores promoting products.

The advertising on the platform is probably not fine tuned so can't comment on if stores are actually making sales.

how to find shopify stores on tik tok in 2020

Make sure you're on the "For You" tab at the top. Then simply scroll your feeds until you come across an ad that has a button below. 

The button is titled either shop now or learn more and can be clicked.

Once you click it it leads you to the Shopify store.

3. How to Find Shopify Stores with TheWebMiner

Using TheWebMiner is a bit of an older way of doing your research but nevertheless it's included here for completeness.

Simple go to https://thewebminer.com/filter?q=shopify and click on download the lead list.

This will allow you to obtain over 30,000 results of stores that use the shopify platform.

It will also display stores that use the platform but don't do dropshipping at all and can be a bit of a hit and miss approach. 

4. Easily Use Google to Find Shopify Stores

Open up google and type "inurl:.myshopify.com".

Again this is similiar to using the web miner method, as the the top shopify stores will be ordered in chronological order.

However, you may not know which stores are dropshipping so you'd need to review each store individually.

It can definitely work in your favor as you may come across a store that not a lot of people know about.

find shopify stores with google

5. Find Stores using Pinterest

Pinterest is a platform that not many know of and it is currently being used to promote shopify dropshipping products.

using pinterest to find dropshipping products

With Pinterest you'll need to start by searching a seed keyword such as "cool gadgets".

From here you want to go through the results and find either image or video pins that have a product in them.

Simply click the pin to be redirected to the dropshipping store and add them to your list of stores to spy on.


There are so many methods on how to find shopify stores so that you can create a list of stores to do product research.

I've shared 5 of these methods with you which should be plenty to kick start your dropshipping business.

Which method will you use to start your product research this year? Comment below!

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