10 Amazing Tips on How to Get Cheap Flights

These 10 Amazing Tips that show you How to Get Cheap Flights is all you need to make the most of any upcoming holiday.

Saving money where possible is empirical to improving your financial situation.

The more money you are able to save here and there would place you in a really good financial situation. The extra money will allow you to take more vacations than usual.

These tips may seem frugal for some, but if you have a family of 3 or more (extra kids) then saving extra money on travel can really make a massive improvement in your financial situation.

Before Ashley and I began first travelling, I was a student at college and money was very hard to come by. It meant I couldn’t really afford the flashy travel experience that most have.

We always looked for good tips and hacks that would save us the odd dollar here and there and over time I’ve built a sort of, “go to” list that helps with finding great deals for cheap flights.

These tips are here to help you find the best deal on your next vacation and will make sure that you always get the best deal possible. Follow my tips and hacks the next time you are looking for a good vacation that doesn’t cost a bit.

It’s time to take off and find out my 10 Amazing Tips for How to Get Cheap Flights! Ready, Set, Take off!

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10 Amazing Tips to Get Cheap Flights

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Here are my 10 Amazing Tips for Cheap Flights

Search in “Incognito” Mode 

If you’re thinking what is “Incognito” mode then you probably a first-time net user. Nevertheless, I’ll explain!

Incognito mode is a feature of your browser that allows you to do search queries on Google and not be later tracked by a “cookies. You know, where those pestering ads follow you on every website? Kind of like they have a microphone everywhere?

Although cookies allow you to conveniently get back to your previous searches, it also stops you from finding cheap flights.

If you browse Incognito, there is a higher chance you will stumble across lower prices as companies won’t be able to use their cookie tracking on you.

Compare Prices from Multiple Sites

Never ever shop at only one website. You are committing a financial crime if you do this!

Instead always go to multiple websites and compare rates and offers. Use an excel spreadsheet to keep track of all the companies you are actively tracking.

The two search engines I’m using constantly are Momondo and Google Flights which are both convenient and useful to use.

Google flights can crawl all the flight companies in your country and bring back search results for the most affordable flights.

My favourite to use is Skyscanner.

Have Flexible Travel Dates

How to Get Cheap Flights

If you travel primarily in a holiday season, guess what? Yes, ticket prices are ridiculously expensive. They typically cost an arm and a leg.

If you are able to rearrange your travel dates to be more flexible on arrival and departure then you’ll be able to skim off some $$$ and make a saving.

Travel search engines will provide you with a flexible travel date calendar which shows you the best times to travel which will save you money.

The cheapest time to fly is typical;

  • January through to May;
  • September through to Late November;

The most expensive time to fly is:

  • Christmas/New Year’s
  • Within 1 hour of wanting to fly;
  • Peak Summer Time;

Use Award Miles (Airpoints or Similiar)

10 Amazing Tips to Get Cheap Flights

This one took us a while to really click onto? We weren’t big spenders but we both were part of an organization that allowed you to collect points that could be transferred to flights.

This made our flights cheap and affordable.

Other types of award mile systems are generally with the airline. If you are required to fly often for your job then I’d recommend signing up for the airlines’ points system, then when you go to book a flight for work you use your account number to start racking up points.

I’ve travelled tonnes nationally for multiple jobs, I’ve travelled so much for work that I’ve managed to get a few flights for free.

Because people from all over the world read my blog I won’t get into specifics, instead, I ask you to do a google search on “award miles” and research what is available for you in your country.

Use a Reliable Budget Airline

There are tonnes of reliable budget airlines that you can save dollars on.

You wanna know a secret? All aeroplanes are made roughly the same and work the same way. instagram takipçi satın al

The only difference that makes one set flights more expensive than another, is generally the service, the quality of the interior and the food service.

Other than that, if you are not fussed on the above then skip paying for expensive flights and save money with using a reliable budget airline.

Get a Credit Card that Offers Reward Miles

10 Amazing Tips to Get Cheap Flights

Getting cheap flights is great, but what if  I told you that you can get reward miles by using your credit card?

Yes! Everyday spending can earn you those miles and get you reduced or even free flights.

There are generally banks out there that have Visa/MasterCard credit cards with this type of power.

I have one and I’ve already earned enough points for one free flight 🙂

Subscribe to Airline Newsletters

You need to start doing this if you haven’t begun. Signing up to an Airline Newsletter or subscription page is money in gold for you.

Every once in a while companies through a 50% off sale to give you a chance on how to get cheap flights. The only downfall about this is that it is random.

You never know when the sale is going to happen but you should always keep your eyes peeled in your inbox.

The sale is generally for a limited time (less than 48hrs), either over a special weekend that includes a public holiday or during the week. You will definitely need some money put aside for this one if it does randomly pop up.

Don’t Fly Direct

The best way to having cheap flights is making some sort of diversion/stop on your way to your destination.

Why? Because if you fly directly it will cost you so much, I know it’s convenient but if you’re in a tight financial situation what is stopping off at a side destination for a few hours.

You could even claim to your friends that you’ve been (not visited) been to say random country.

Do I smell brownie points being thrown around?!

Book 6-8 Weeks in Advance

What we like to do before we fly is decided on where we would like to go next. We usually start thinking of our next vacation for 9 months in advance.

This allows plenty of time to decide where we would like to go, the amount we need to be saving and what sort of activities we will be doing.

By pre-planning (and not making a hasty decision to purchase flights for 2 weeks from now) we are effectively allowing ourselves to see what sort of deals come out. We will usually make a purchase about 2 months (8 weeks) in advance of the flight date.

Search Flights for One

What companies do these days create bundle deals? So if you search flights for one, chances are they will try to upsell you to make a purchase for two and when they do this, they will make it cheaper to buy two.

Why? Because it increases their average order value but it will make a saving for you! 🙂 Yayyy, everyone wins.

These are my 10 Amazing Tips for How to Get Cheap Flights is all you need to make the most of any vacation you have up and coming.

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