How To Get Free Instagram Followers Instantly in 1 Week

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Today I want to discuss the best free Instagram followers Instantly app to get followers

If you clicked through and wondered how to get more free Instagram followers instantly in 1 week, and what you can do to gain this type of traction, then continue reading!

I'm about to share with you my biggest secret that exploded my dormant Instagram account.

I didn't buy instagram followers instantly, DM accounts to feature my post or use any instagram follow unfollow app!

In fact, I'm not even following people, people are following me!

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This one Tool is all I needed to really figure out Instagram and explode my account.

The tool I'm referring to is Tailwind App and I use for both Instagram and Pinterest.

I've used this software to grow my monthly Pinterest viewers to approximately 990K (yes 990,000) and it's still growing!

How to Get Instagram Followers Instantly
How to Get Instagram Followers Instantly
How to Get Instagram Followers Instantly

To get free Instagram followers instantly you need to start using Tailwind App

Instagram Hashtag Search by Tailwind app is seriously a tool you need to consider, why?

Because without it you'll be working your butt off like a slave trying to grow your social media following.

Other than that this is why I'm recommending it:

5 Reasons You Need to Start Using this Instagram Followers App

  • The algorithm for the app generates a smart posting schedule. This means it creates time slots that are optimised for your account. The short and sweet of it -> Post your content at the time it will be seen the most.
  • Posting 3-5 times a day is optimal. I like to post in the once in the morning, the afternoon and again in the evening. This is what has worked best with my hectic schedule. Plus, it comes off not being so spammy.
  • The app suggests the best hashtags for portrait photography to use. Read below to find out what type of hashtags you should be using if you use this app.
  • Tailwind also has a neat auto-post feature. The app automatically posts all your scheduled posts to Instagram without receiving a notification that tells you to post. Now you'll be able to put your free time aside to focus on other social media tasks, such as making new content.
  • The web app gives you detailed analytics for your account growth and using these will sure help you shoot your account to the moon.
instagram hashtags for followers

This is How I Got My Instagram Followers

Recently, I started using Tailwind for Instagram Followers and Likes and started using the app to explode my dormant Instagram account.

Within 1 week I managed to take my account and add an extra 100+ free Instagram followers instantly to my existing dormant account.

To top it off all my new posts have an average of 50 likes per post which made the engagement roll in.

It was pretty crazy but I figured out how to get free Instagram followers instantly using this method.

free instagram followers generator

Tailwind for Instagram is slightly different than it is for Pinterest but not by much.

The biggest benefit of the app is finding suitable hashtags that relate to your followers.

This eliminates the need for you to sit there for hours trying to think of the best hashtags to use for your content!

free instagram followers instantly
free instagram followers instantly

Here are some stats for Tailwind Hashtag Finder

Using the App is Really Simple

As you can see some of these stats are already holding up just after 1 week. 

Imagine what my account will be like after 6 months.

Today I want to show you how to get started and use the software.

By the end of this post you'll be able to:

Rinse and repeat and watch the engagement roll in.

If you aren't using Tailwind already I suggest you get on board and start driving followers to your brand.

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Getting Started with Tailwind Hashtag Generator and Start Getting Instagram Followers Instantly for Free

Creating your Free Tailwind Account

Head over to and select "Sign up with Instagram" to sign up for a free account (P.s no credit card will be required at this stage)

100 free instagram followers trial

Make sure you are logged into your Instagram account through your web browser.

If you are not don't worry Tailwind will ask you to sign in to your Instagram account.

auto likes instagram free trial

If you're already logged in you'll be greeted with the "Authorize" screen, go ahead and click "Authorize" to continue to the next step.

schedule instagram posts automatically

Once you've clicked through you need to "Complete Your Account" which means you need to provide an email address and a password for your new tailwind account.

tailwind instagram hashtags

When you click through you'll get to a pop up that requires you to install the tailwind app and also sign into it.

Read the next section to learn how to install the app.

Install the Tailwind App for iPhone

Go ahead and select the app and begin to download it, once you have downloaded it then open it up from your app catalogue.

Tailwind App Iphone

Creating Your First Draft

When you successfully logged in you'll get directed to the "Drafts" tab.

This is where you create new Instagram draft posts that you wish to publish. 

They will not post to Instagram unless you schedule them for later.

instagram followers free app

The "Calendar" tab is a list view of all the upcoming posts that are scheduled for their pre-set times.

 Mine currently shows nothing as I haven't scheduled anything. I will be showing you how in this post.

instagram free followers⚠️

 The "Published" tab is basically your history of everything that has been posted to Instagram in the past.

Let's create our first draft post by heading back to the "Drafts" tab.

Click the plus button at the bottom right of the screen and either select a photo from your camera library or take a new photo with the camera.

instagram followers free no survey

Selecting your Popular Hashtags

Once it has uploaded go ahead and start writing a description for the photo (this will be your caption for the photo and can be seen by your Instagram audience).

I've written, "Excellent weather to be out exploring"! 

When you're done with your description the app will begin to suggest hashtags to use.

If it hasn't, just click on the refresh icon (below the description) to refresh the suggested hashtags.

Simply click the hashtags to select the ones you wish to use.

Scroll left and right (by swiping left or right on your phone) to see other similar hashtags. 

This is the best way on how to get more followers on Instagram.

The app has suggested a few for me as I have used those hashtags recently.

What's the Meaning Behind The Colors?

The description of the colours is directly below the hashtags but a little more on them as I've tested the meaning behind them.

  • Peach - This is a highly competitive hashtag, meaning that there are a lot of accounts using these hashtags to get exposure for their accounts. I'd recommend using this after you start getting 50 likes per picture on average as your account will have blossomed a little by this point.
  • Green - These are hashtags that are not competitive but are currently trending amongst account users. These are the best to use for a new account as you will be able to leverage from these and gain traction.
  • Light Green - These are known as good hashtags. It typically means that the hashtag is on the verge of becoming competitive to rank for. Again I would use this in a mature account.
  • Grey - these are niche hashtags. I personally haven't seen these come up in my category (travel). It may possibly be micro niche's.

Schedule the Draft

Pro Tip - Best performing posts should be limited to 30 hashtags.

When you are ready with you to draft you can "Save As Draft", this means it will be saved to the "Drafts" tab and can be scheduled later or you can "Add to Queue".

When you click the green button "Add To Queue" it will be added to the schedule in an available slot with a given time.

Tailwind has optimised posting schedules so that you post at the best time for your audience.

get followers free

However, if you don't like the scheduled time, simply drag the post to another slot to change the post time.

Posting with Tailwind Instagram App

When it comes time to make the post, tailwind app will send you a notification and prompt you to post it to Instagram. 

When you open the Tailwind app, it will take you to the "Calendar" tab and prompt you to post.

Just click on the post to go into a detailed view and click "Post to Instagram".

It will copy the contents over to Instagram where you do the final touches.

The final touches being selecting a filter, adding a location, tagging friends or adding it to other social media channels.

Rinse and Repeat

That's all there is to it you didn't think it was that simple of a way on how to get more followers Instagram.

I want to share with you some insider tips that I've learnt over the last week about using the app.

  • Start using green hashtags initially until you get some momentum.
  • When you have momentum combine competitive hashtags with best hashtags to get the best results.
  • Post a minimum of 5 times a day.

So you've read this post and thought oh great I can get a bunch of likes on my photos, so what?

If you think like that, then this isn't for you! Plain and simple.

The Bigger Picture with Instagram Tailwind App

However, if you have a broad mindset then this is what Tailwind app can do for you.

  • Grow your following;
  • Become an Influencer;
  • Drive more traffic to your website;
  • Start accepting shout outs.

Shout outs are a great way to monetize your account. It's similar to guest posting but more simple, people pay you to share their product on your Instagram account.

Imagine making a few extra bucks just by posting a photo of a product and also keeping the product!

A Little about My Instagram Account

Sounds like my kind of life. To give you an idea of this, my Instagram is purely travelling (people love this on Instagram), I can promote:

  • Travel Accessories;
  • Accommodation Recommendations;
  • Travel insurance recommendations;
  • Travel clothes, etc, etc.

I'll have to write another post on where I stand with this when I've experienced more growth. This is how to get more followers on Instagram! 

So don't Purchase Followers its a Waste of Time

Like I said before I didn't buy any followers or DM any pages to try and get featured (although this is one method).

The best way to learn how to get more followers on Instagram is by growing your account naturally and building an audience around the content you submit!

Seriously this is the best way to grow your account as your followers will be way more engaged than if you buy them.

If you buy followers you'll get people that "like" your stuff for a brief second because its visually stimulating but does not appeal to them on another level.

This brings my post how to get more followers on Instagram to an end but if you want to reach out and learn more just send me an email through the contact page or just on social media.

Here's What to do Next!

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