How to Pause Shopify Store – Closing the Business Doors Temporarily

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If you're an online shop owner and you are longing for a break with selling then I will show you how to pause Shopify Store in order to relax.

There are plenty of reasons you may want to pause your shop, one could be you need to go travelling for a bit and you don't have someone to take the wheel!

Pausing your shop allows you to let your online store run as normal but without making any further sales.

You will need to cancel any apps that you have, if you don't you will still be billed for them. 

Once you pause your shop, your Shopify bill becomes $14/month (excluding apps) and it allows you to retain your shop design, products and domain.


Why Pause a Shopify Shop?

So as I mentioned, you can pause your shop but sales will not flow through. The perks of pausing your store is so that you can resume trading once you're ready for it.

It also allows your existing customers to come back, check the tracking of their orders, allow them to email you or just read your blog.

So before I get onto how to Pause Shopify store let me explain the difference between closing and pausing.

This is completely different to closing your store. Closing a Shopify shop means you are done trading and you don't intend to continue the business. It is considered like a permanent instance of shutting your business doors.

Steps on How to Pause Shopify Store?

1. Log into your Shopify admin panel and click settings on the bottom left. I've highlighted this red for you in the image below.

How to Pause Shopify Store -settings

2. Next click on "Plan and Permissions" and  you'll be directed to your plan information and also your staff information.

how to pause shopify store - plans

3. Now you want to scroll directly to the bottom of this next page. For the row that has "Store Status" you have three options;

  • Work with an Expert;
  • Pause; or
  • Sell or Close ;

Simply click "Pause Store" and a dialogue box will appear asking you to confirm the pausing of your Shopify store.

how can i close my shopify store

And That's How to Pause Shopify Store!

Once you click the purple "Pause Store" button you will be downgraded to a $14/month plan.

As mentioned, you will be taking a break from selling but your settings will remain saved.

When you're ready to resume , simply go back to the "Plan and Permissions" page and click "Resume Store".

The process is quite simple, so don't be to afraid to take a step back from selling if it is to much to handle or you need to sort out business affairs in the backend.

If you have any questions on this, just pop a question in the comments box and I'll be happy to share my thoughts.

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