5 Simple Ways on How To Save Money on Electric Bill

So you want to know how to save money on electric bill! Well, you've come to the right post.

Something as simple as these 5 ways can really help cut the cost of your power bill and ultimately put more money in your back pocket.

Or better yet, free up some cash to cover the rent or pay for an unexpected bill that may have crept up.

Whatever the reason, I'm going to share with you some very simple ways that you can start implementing today to save money on your power bill.

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So Here are my Ways on How To Save Money on Electric Bill!

There are so many posts online on how to save money on your power bill. Sometimes these posts are long drawn out extensive lists.

That's why I wanted to only cover 5 tips today, however if you want to find out more exclusive tips then sign up below to receive a highly valuable training video covering more exclusive tips.

How to Save Money on Electric Bill

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#1 - Consider Generating Your Own Energy

Most people think about solar panels when it comes to producing their own energy.

However this can have extremely steep setup costs, but has the best long term benefits.

I stumbled across the power efficiency guide which is a system that helps you generate your own power so that you can;

  • Power devices in Your Home;
  • Reduce your energy bill;
  • Perfect for emergency/survival preppers situations;
  • Potentially Live off the grid;

Mark Edwards is the 56 year old, geography teacher that developed this system so that he can help others reduce their energy bill.

You can watch his presentation here: Watch Power Efficiency Guide Presentation

#2 - Wash Clothes in Cold Water

Did you know that water needs power in order to make it warm/hot? Yes, the water heater needs to undertake work in order to produce hot water for your clothes.

If you've been washing your clothes in a mixed cold-warm water cycle, then consider switching to cold.

This is an effective way of cleaning your wardrobe and allows you to cut the cost of using your water heater.

#3 - Check Your Appliances Work Correctly

Another way on how to save money on electric bill is to check your appliances regularly.

Appliances that are malfunctioning or not working properly can be using unnecessary power to be in a working order.

Consider cleaning, dusting and regularly servicing your devices that can be costing you a fair bit.

A typical issue is the motor on a washing machine. Often people run into issues of the motor turning on and off without input. This issue alone will require power each time it starts and thus add to your electric bill.

#4 - Reduce Heat Waste

Turning up the heater or HVAC system in every room because you think it's constantly cold during winter?

Chances are it probably is cold, as heat is escaping through the corner seals of windows and doors.

Consider applying window and door wrap where you've spot some open seals, this will retain much more heat and ultimately lead to you not turning up the heater.

#5 - Consider Prepaid Electric Plan

Another way on how to save money on electric bill is to consider using a prepaid electric plan.

Prepaid electric plans are effective at ensuring you keep your costs constant.

It allows you to see how much you're spending per month on power. That will give you insight into seeing if you're over or under spending.

These plans, usually sold in power blocks, gives you a certain amount of energy per month. If you're needing to spend more than usual you know you're using to much power.

That's my 5 Exclusive Ways on How to Save Money on Electric Bills

So there you have it, a quick list on how to save money on your power bill.

Remember that, you'll need to be very consistent with applying these tips in order to see a cost reduction. 

By far the most effective way to cut your power bill is to start producing your own and as I mentioned in point number 1 you can do this in several ways.

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