How to Have Multiple Links in Instagram Bio with Tailwind Smart Bio Tool

Have you ever wondered how you can have multiple links in Instagram Bio? When I first began using Instagram to share my travel related content with the world I was faced with a single problem!

That problem being I could only utilize my Instagram to have one link, which often led to my home page or a featured post I was promoting. 

So today I'm going to share with you an awesome tool that can help solve this problem of only having one link!

I'll also be sharing my personal experience using this tool and how I feel about it compared to others that do a similiar job.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. I was also compensated to create this post, but all opinions are my own

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How to Have Multiple Links in Instagram Bio

Smart Bio tool by Tailwind is an excellent way of having more than one link for your profile. 

Having more than one link opens up a lot more doors for your blog, YouTube channel or other social media profiles.

I have used other link tools for my Instagram account in the past but what I love the most about Tailwind smart bio is;

  • It allows you to drive more viewers to any featured video or post you have;
  • You can fully customize the title, page design and button colors to match your profile theme.
  • Below static links you can use featured images with highly customizable call to actions perfect for affiliate marketers or lead generation.
  • Smart bio provides detailed analytics of clicks to your content.
  • More importantly its free!

How to Get Started with Smart Bio

You'll need to have signed up to a Tailwind account before you can begin and If you already have this simply log in to it.

Once you're logged in go to the left hand side of the menu to bring out your profile tools.

multiple links in instagram bio

Click Smart.Bio at the bottom left to enter the screen where you can customize your static bio link.

You will be requested to create a smart bio profile link that will be inserted into your instagram bio.

instagram smart bio link

Once you've generated your link in Tailwind head over to your Instagram account and paste it there.

When users click this link in your profile on Instagram a menu of links will appear to anything that you have created.

instagram business bio profile

Adding Your Smart Bio Button Links

Now that you have the smart bio link in your Instagram you need to create new buttons to appear in the menu.

To do this, head back to Tailwind smart bio and create those buttons. Enter your call to action on the left and the URL on the right and you can even add emojis (just like I have).

Click "Add New Button Link" at the bottom to add any more of your choice.

I've added four buttons, however you can add as much as you like and link to pretty much anything.

  • Link other social media profiles;
  • Add affiliate links;
  • Feature your best posts;
instagram button links

When people click your smart bio link in your profile description, this is what they'll see below.

If anything of these are clicked by users, your statics in your Tailwind profile will begin to populate.

I've been using smart bio for two days and already started seeing some clicks. It really is a good way to see if anything is being clicked.

instagram smart bio landing page

What Else Can Smart Bio Do?

What's more than adding multiple links in Instagram Bio? The best thing I love about Tailwind smart bio is the ability to add live Instagram post links.

I haven't come across anything like this feature before, which is really a game changer. It means that you can create promotional post images (not just regular photo's) that you can use to try to get leads or promote affiliate offers.

You can even place a unique call to action directly below the post which can entice users to click through.

These live post links are added to the bottom of your button links.

My Personal Experience Using Smart Bio

Smart bio by tailwind is completely free and that's probably one of the biggest incentives for a lot of small time bloggers or bloggers just starting. 

The only additional thing I should mention is that the trial is based on 100 scheduled Pins or 30 scheduled Instagram Posts - not 14 or 30 days.

I personally think that Smart bio will add tremendous value to my Instagram strategy and it will allow me to drive more targeted traffic to specific articles.

For example I plan to use the button links for my evergreen content and by using attention grabbing call to actions I will be able to get traffic to specific pages.

For the Instagram live posts I plan to make more promotional posts and again use attention grabbing call to actions bundled with some unique graphic elements to improve click through rates.

As I've mentioned, I've used it for two days so far and already seeing clicks to my blog compared to when I had nothing in place to drive traffic from Instagram.


So that is how to get multiple links in Instagram bio and as I mentioned, I find the Tailwind smart bio far more effective than some of the other tools I've used before.

I'll definitely be using it as part of my growth strategy for my blog and other social media accounts.

If you have any questions about using smart bio for your blog then don't hesitate to pop a question below. I'd be happy to share my opinion or help you with it.

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