How to Get Paid for Your Opinion Fast

this page contains affiliate links. see my disclaimer. thanks for reading!There’s so many side hustle ideas online that you will often get lost. However, with this one side hustle you get paid for your opinion! If you’re introverted like me, but the thought of consulting, networking or driving randoms around in Uber freaks you out. Then you […]

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10 Best Rain Ponchos for Winter

Today I want to talk about the Best Rain Ponchos that can be used in winter. These ponchos are not your ordinary 1-use throw away poncho, but rather something that has value and can be used for more than one winter. How many times have you left home and it just literally bucketed down, like the heavens have […]

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The Top 10 Best Canvas Backpacks

The Best Canvas Backpacks are often the ones that are stylish, unique and posses a sense of durability. Everyday, people like you and me are looking for a backpack that can be used for a variety of uses such as school, work, hiking, carrying camera gear or even just travel essentials. The problem is, not many regular backpacks can […]

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