Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review – My Honest 2020 Opinion and Results

I want to share my personal experience and results from the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review course by create and go.

This course literally allowed me to get a traffic increase from Pinterest of over 300% in just 1 month.

Before I heard about the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche course I was trying to figure out using Pinterest by myself to start getting traffic.

It was hard, there was little guidance available on YouTube and it was like I had a blindfold on.

So here I will be talking about how I made the plunge and got this coarse, the nitty gritty detail of my 3x traffic explosion and how you can achieve these results as well.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. I was also compensated to create this post, but all opinions are my own

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Treat Your Blog As a Business!

Most people lose interest after the first six months of hard effort, continuous late nights and copious amounts of coffee!

In the grand scheme of things, this is the first footsteps of your blog, although objections such as;

  • "Why am I struggling to get any traffic at all, paid or free traffic?" 
  • "What am I doing wrong?"
  • "I will never be as successful as top bloggers such as Patt Flynn or Michelle Schroeder-Garner "

The truth is, these people started from the bottom but years ago and they have already established a good foundation.

Now if you're looking to start a blog or already have one, then there is good news for people like you and me.

That News is driving free traffic with Pinterest, using the only coarse you need, the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is The Best Investment I Made!

Do you find yourself month after month banging your head against the desk because you made another silly 'blog investment'.

I felt like that far to often until I stumble across and purchase the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche by Create and go.

Let me explain :).

As I mentioned I knew that Pinterest was a good tool to start driving traffic to my blog and I did so, but I was getting about 5-10 page views a day and my growth was stalling.

So in August 2018 I found out about Pinterest Traffic Avalanche but I was skeptical because it's seldom that I come across a great resource.

I googled "Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review" only to discover a handful of reviews. I know right, how painful as I really wanted to see more people talking about this course.

But I decided to watch the entire course pitch video from Alex and Lauren...and,

This sealed the deal for me as they had solid proof of receiving of 500,000 page views from Pinterest in a Single Month!

My skepticism subsided when they went into their WordPress back-end to validate the claim.

Now that I've taken the Lamborghini for a test drive I want you to experience it as well and like all my reviews I don't recommend things that don't work.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review - My Results

You're probably thinking, but Marco, Pinterest is used by coffee loving people who take photos of crafts.

Yeh, I thought so too! Until I started searching the platform and it became more evident that others are using it to drive serious amounts of traffic to their sites.

I took my blog from 0 page views to over 4000 page views per month using Pinterest!

Below is a snippet from my google analytics account, you can see in August I only had 124 and then it shot up to September and then I hit 1000+ page views in October 2018.

However I really started to figure things out after the latest algorithm change. I've been managing to get 200-400 page views a day on.

The image below shows a 30 day period where I managed to get over 4000 views in one month. 

The dip in my traffic is from me getting a penalty on my blog. I didn't know I was flagged on Pinterest, but when I discovered that I emailed them immediately and got my traffic back again.

This is a direct result of the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Method!

The later screenshot shows that I managed to get 2059 Sessions in 6 months (not bad, since I blog part-time).

Why didn't I just focus on SEO you ask?

SEO is powerful when done correctly, white hat SEO can take your blog to the moon and back.

It is a very long game and I suggest you focus on this in the background while making the primary focus on Pinterest until you've mastered it and made some money.

If you start marketing your blog with SEO you may lose focus, given that SEO takes time.

I know it takes time because I've been working on my SEO game for 12 months now and my blog is starting to rank. It only took 12 months, which sucks but in the mean time I'm focusing on Pinterest.

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Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review
Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review

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The Pinterest Strategy for Bloggers that will get your blog noticed!

When I launched my blog, I used google and youtube to find out how I can drive traffic quickly. I knew SEO wasn't an option initially.

I ended up finding a number of blogs through google searches, discussing using Pinterest as a medium to drive traffic.

All these blogs specifically spoke about Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review Method  course by Lauren and Alex from create and go and how beneficial it was to them in driving traffic.

I remember going to the website, watching the sales video and thinking this sounds like a bunch of crap!

An Investment Decision Was Made

Around mid-August (1.5 months after launching) I came back to the same page and thought, why not! If everyone is raving about it then it can't be that bad.

I had a big lump in my throat (the type where you make huge decisions) and just gulped it back. I took out my credit card and made the leap of faith to invest in this Pinterest stragey for bloggers

I'm Glad I Found out about Create and Go Pinterest Tips

Today I want to share my story and experience of taking the course Pinterest Traffic Avalanche from Alex and Lauren by Create and Go.

This cause changed my mindset about using Pinterest to generate free traffic to my website. This is my personal review and opinion about the course.

I will share with you the pros, the cons and the in-betweens.

Other things I discovered

Before I took the course I already knew that Pinterest could be used to drive serious traffic, but I didn't know what the secret sauce was to get people to click on my website.

There are so many Pinterest courses out on the internet but only a handful teach you how to actually get visitors.

Most Pinterest courses teach you about vanity metrics (a lot of bloggers in facebook groups obsess about this), but not Pinterest Traffic Avalanche - more about this further down the page.

What to Expect from Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review

This is my create and go testimonial on Pinterest Traffic Avalanche and found that it is separated into 20 amazing and well thought out course modules, complete with videos and text lessons.

There are also other unique resources such as spreadsheets to keep track of followers, group boards you are a part of and plans to help with your pinning schedule.

The best part about Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Method is that you can go at your own pace which can be paired up with your level of learning.

If you are also lost along the way they have an amazing engaging course community facebook group where people are readily available to help you along the way.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review Review
The Modules Include:
  • Important Announcements;
  • Tools and Downloads;
  • Introduction to the Program;
  • Updates and Algorithm Changes;
  • Frequently Asked Questions and Topics;
  • Laying the Foundation to Pinterest Success;
  • Getting Started and Setting Up Your Account for Success;
  • Pinterest Search Engine Optimization;
  • Creating Your Own Pinterest Pins;
  • Pinning Strategies;
  • Good and Bad Practices on Pinterest;
  • Creating Viral Content on Pinterest;
  • The Power of Group Boards;
  • Automating your Pinterest Traffic;
  • Tailwind Tribes;
  • Analytics and Tracking Progress;
  • Promoting Pins;
  • Other Pinning Tools;
  • Pinterest Ninja Secrets [Bonus Lessons] - My Favourite Part 🙂
  • Other Traffic Platforms [Bonus Lessons];

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review - What I liked about this Pinterst Traffic Course

Previously to this course, I had never purchased any Pinterest marketing courses to help me but I did look around.

There a handful of courses out there that sell information that can be found via youtube, other blogs or even google.

However, there are some hidden gems in Pinterest Traffic Avalanche that can't be found elsewhere.

The Pinterest Ninja Secrets bonus lesson is where I learnt what works and what doesn't.

I'm going to briefly cover some of my favourite parts. I don't want to cover them in detail because that would be giving away to much and would disadvantage the course creators.

#1 The Course is Well Detailed

Alex and Lauren don't skimp on anything in the course. This is what makes it well detailed compared to others I've (now) seen on the market.

They tell you how you should not worry about Pinterest Followers and that it is more important to be working on your Pinterest SEO game as well as How to Make Viral Pins.

If that's not enough they share great advice on how to make pins with Canva.

#2 They Don't Hide Anything

Ever wander over to other bloggers sales pages and they skimp on showing their Pinterest Dashboard but they claim to have amazing results?

Well, stop wandering, because Alex and Lauren show you behind the scenes of their Pinterest Dashboard.

Not many are open and transparent about these things.

#3 They Tell you Why Followers are a Waste of Time

Stop worrying about how to improve your follower count on Pinterest. Followers don't do anything for your click-through rate to your website.

At best, it just provides some social proof to your account.

The honest truth is, most people won't click into your account and see these numbers because they require a bit of digging.

#4 They Share their Pinterest Strategy

Yes! They are open and clear about how you should be pinning.

This is the exact strategy that took their blog from zero to hero. Not only this but they share insights into aspects that make a clickable viral pin.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review - What I Wished They Could Improve

#1 Not Considering Google SEO

As I mentioned previously SEO is a long-term game. However, Alex and Lauren instantly tell you to only focus on Pinterest. 

To get instant results that is true however if you're building a business out of your blog, always keep SEO in the background.

Google traffic is insanely targeted traffic and you should definitely work on this as a secondary traffic source while you perfect your Pinterest game.

#2 The Facebook Group is Okay.

What do I mean? Well, it's nice that they invite you to a private Facebook group that has thousands of like-minded individuals.

Alex and Lauren are readily answering questions that students are posing in the group so it's not like a desert in the group.

However, when you have a question to ask most people will probably just ignore it but that's just cause it may be a question that's been asked. Hence use the search function in the Facebook group, chances are it's already been answered.

My Personal Thoughts

I would personally like it if they opened discussions such as;

  • How are you currently Pinning?
  • How much do you pin daily?
  • Are your click-through rates improving?

But that's just my preferences. That's it on that topic.

I did also mention something about a vanity metric, well below is my little insight on vanity metrics.

What's a Pinterest Vanity Metric?

pinterest vanity metric

This is my Pinterest Account, as you can see I have 950k Monthly viewers.

Wooooowwww! Impressive Right?

Nope, this is a vanity metric that a lot of bloggers obsess about. The only thing you should be caring about is who clicks through. T

his is where Pinterest Traffic Avalanche takes the cake.

So if you see reviews on the web talking about how they went from 300 to 10'000 monthly views, think again!

This metric is the total impressions I am getting from Pinterest on a monthly basis

It doesn't mean that I'm getting 950k clicks to my website! If I was I would be raking in the cash haha.

About The Creators of Pinterest Traffic Avalanche & My Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Review

Alex and Lauren are nice and down to earth, if you head to their website create and go you can find out that they started their journey blogging about 3 years ago.

They use to work full time but began blogging to try and make it work. They first started avocadu.com ( a yoga-inspired health and fitness blog) and found success.

This is where Pinterest Traffic Avalanche was born and other highly valuable courses.

I purely gravitated towards them, as opposed to others, is because they don't have a snake-like sales pitch when selling their courses.

It makes them seem more down to earth and genuine.

That rounds up this post! I hope you found value in my review of Pinterest Traffic Avalanche and how it can be used as a tool to get your blog noticed in this ocean of blogs.

Important Resources

These are companies and courses/services I've personally vetted and recommend.

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Marco is the founder of Bottom Line Cents, a blog about travel and personal finance. He primarily talks about ways to make money online with side income. He has paid off over $40,000 in student debt due to his side gigs and his thriving nature to succeed.

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    Awesome posts. I used to be excited with vanity numbers as well instead of click throughs.
    You broke down the course key points and I purchase the course in due time

  • great information! thanks for sharing!

  • Interesting review, I’ve heard of Create and Go but not this course. I have yet to invest in one of the more expensive Pinterest courses because the smaller ones I’ve paid for just haven’t been worth it. I’ve just been winging it on my own, which had helped get my blog noticed to a degree.

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