7 Staggering Reasons To Start a Self Hosted Blog in 2020

The question is weighing heavy on your mind! Should you start a free WordPress blog or go for a self hosted blog? 

I've started several blogs using both the free platform and also opted to go for a self hosted one (with BottomLineCents.com). There are huge benefits into investing money into a hosted platform and we'll discuss that shortly.

Now you are confused about whether to go with a free one or pay for a self-hosted one. This post will explain all that

I was once exactly where you are and faced similar problems. I started my blog with very little information on how to go about it.

With years of experience and more than 4,000 visitors per month, I think you'd benefit a lot by listening to the guidelines that I want to share with you. I'll keep it simple and easy to follow 

Let's jump straight into this!

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7 Reasons to Start a Self Hosted Blog Today

So, whether you are starting a new blog or you currently have a blog on a free hosted platform, its time to dive into the world of self- hosting

Free things are enticing, but most people will agree with me that if you're looking into creating a professional image, a self-hosted blog is a way to go.

Now you must be wondering what the difference is? And why should you pay for one while you can still open a free one, right?

You must also be wondering. I'm just starting do I need to pay up for one at this stage? My answer is a resounding YES.

What exactly do I mean when I say a self-hosted blog, and how is it different from a free blog?

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What is a Self-Hosted Blog?

A free hosted blogging platform is simply that. Free.

You get to sign up for free and get a free subdomain through platforms like xyzblogspot.com or xyzwordpress.com and quickly set up your site.

However, you have no access to your files as these are stored on the platform's servers, but you can purchase a custom domain name if you want to. 

How Much does a Self-Hosted Blog Cost?

It comes at a cost. Unlike a free blog, this requires slightly more work to set up, but you need not be a tech Guru anyone can do it. You need hosting to set up your site and custom domain name.

The amount you pay some of it is to pay for the digital hosting of your files, which you have full access to. It will cost you about $3.95 a month dealing with Bluehost.

Why am I insisting on a self-hosting blog?

Let me give you seven staggering reasons as to why you should consider creating your self-hosted blog.

1 - You Have More Options to Monetize Your Blog

Often free hosted blogging platforms limit how you can monetize your blog

Besides, they frequently place random Ads in your content that you have no control over that direct traffic to their platforms.

You go through all this mostly to get returns on all the hard work you put in your blog, right?

With self-hosted blogs gives only you access to post or place an ad on your site hence fully earing from it alone. 

2 - Self-Hosted Blogs are More Professional

Statistics have shown that the audience trusts a personal domain name more professional compared to a free one. 

At different search engines, they are more likely to open a blog with a customized name; they say its not only a tale sign that you are running a free platform but look like a hobby and, therefore, unprofessional.

3 - Your Audience will Trust You More

Having your own website means you get the chance to build a real-life audience. An audience that appreciate what you have to say and take your advice.

With a self-hosted blog, you can instil trust in your audience because you’ll have your very own custom domain, look and feel to your blog.

This is what makes having your own blog beneficial for both you and your readers.

How To Start a Blog FREE Email Course

In this free course, I show you how to create a blog easily, from the technical side (it's easy - trust me!) all the way to earning your first income and attracting readers. Join now!

Subscribe to our newsletter to receive regular updates and get access to the free course.

4 - You Own Your Domain & Can Design Your Blog to Your Hearts Content

Self- hosted blog means you get to name your blog whatever you want meaning you can use your name and end it with any web suffix, e.g., .com, .co, .uk among others, but with the free blogs it has to carry your hostname like xyz.blogspot.com or xyz.wordpress.com

With a self-hosted blog, you own your content!

You get to add unlimited content and generate more traffic to your blog, unlike free blogs where they not only limit your bandwidth, and hence you can't upload every material you want. 

5 - Have Full Control over Your Blog

You have more options when it comes to layout, search engine optimization, additional functions, and advertising revenue,

The appearance design of your blog matters a lot to your target audience. That's the first thing the audience notice when they open your blog.

The most significant advantage with self-hosted blog means you get to customize the look of your blog to suit your brand there are also so many free themes available for you to choose from.

Unlike free blogs you don't have access to the free themes offered and so your blog which has access to a few different templates to choose from.

So most of the free blogs will pretty much look the same and lack that distinct outlook that your brand is looking for 

6 - Install over 20,000 Plugins

You can always install separate plugins to serve specific needs, and WordPress has over 29,000 plugins for you to choose from, most of which are free. 

Plugins are add-ons that you can use on your blog to add new functions and features for a solid online brand.

Plugins may include a subscription form, an online shop, or a contact form. Therefore, your readers' experience of your site can be vastly improved with a few essential plugins.

All these plugins are only available on a self-hosted blog!

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7 - Your Site Will Survive When Worse comes to Worse

If you use a free blogging platform currently, then you need to realize that your content may not be around forever.

The main issue with using other platforms to write is that it can be erased in the blink of an eye! Imagine losing years of content if your free blogging platform decides to shut the doors.

There will always be that element of risk and feeling of losing everything over night with a free platform.

That’s why hosting your website on your own platform can set you apart and reduce the risk of losing everything overnight.


So, to conclude, there are my 7 reasons to starting a blog on your own hosting platform. My recommendation is using a trustworthy and reliable platform like Bluehost.

I’ve used Bluehost for all my hosting needs and they never seem to let me down. My site has been constantly up and has literally no downtime (this can happen with low quality hosting platforms).

If you’ve got questions about anything regarding self hosting platforms, then feel free to leave a comment below.

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