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This Thrive Architect Review is my personal overview of the best WordPress visual page builder plugin (well at least in my two years of using it)!

Yes I’ve used thrive architect to build, and also some other visually awesome sites.

It is one of the most powerful visual page builders for WordPress, yet some people are a little uncertain about it.

Well, that’s why I decided to write this post and help you decide if you need to switch right now!

If you’ve been using WordPress backend panel to write posts, format images, try to embed a video or even add a custom lead capture form, then you’ve been wasting a lot of time. 

More importantly, you’ve left out crucial design features that turn your blog posts into conversion machines.

So let’s dive right into this Thrive Architect Review.
thrive architect review

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. I was also compensated to create this post, but all opinions are my own

What is Thrive Architect?

Thrive Architect is a visual page builder WordPress plugin that helps you design beautiful and creative blog posts or pages.

It consists of a set of page elements or tools such as text blocks, section dividers, buttons, tables, star ratings video embedding tools, and more ! (Keep Reading it gets better).

The set of tools helps you turn a regular blog post or page into an extra-ordinary post or page

Thrive Architect Review of Key Features

So what features do you get with Thrive Architect? Well quite a bit, here is a short overview of some of the key features that help you supercharge your blog posts:

Thrive Architect Features

  • Awesome Landing Page Templates 
  • Simple Drag and Drop Editing
  • Conversion Optimized Sales Pages
  • Engaging Webinar Pages and High Converting Product Launch Pages
  • Cool Pre-Built Conversion Elements
  • Mobile Responsive Editing
  • Screen Size Previews
  • Ability to Style Every Detail - Fonts, Colors, Sizes
  • Animations and Actions, including hover effects

These are some of the key features that will really make your blog posts pop and add a little saasss to them !

Why You Need a Great WordPress Visual Page Builder

According to there are over a billion websites live, and about 500 million of them are blogs.

Wooow, an astronomical number right? But how many of these are actually using a visual page builder to make produce appealing posts and pages? My guess is probably less than 1%!

The main reason you need to have a great WordPress visual page builder is to stand out from that 500 million blogs.

Standing out allows you to build great blog posts, website pages and also allows you to grow a decent following.

If you have a great design, your website/blog is far more likely to be visited again and also remembered by someone.

Thrive Architect Page Elements

The page elements are divided into three categories, these being Foundation, Building Blocks and Thrive Integrations:

thrive architect review
thrive architect review
thrive architect review
thrive integrations

Foundation Elements

Furthermore on my thrive architect review, these thrive page builder elements are your staples, they include drag and drop elements such as image boxes, buttons, columns, background sections, content boxes and logos.

For each of these elements you are able to style every detail of the element, for example buttons have over 30+ pre-defined style options. 

Although you see a blue button, you can modify the color of the button to whatever you like. The other aspects you can modify of the button include:

  • Typophraphy;
  • Adding a link;
  • Changing the Width/Size;
  • Making it a sticky button;
  • Adding CSS animations
  • Basically styling it to how you want.

You can literally do most of the above to all other foundation elements as well.

thrive architect review

Building Block Elements

Furthermore, building blocks add a little more pop to your static pages (like your homepage) or a landing page.

The elements you get are;

  • Click to Tweet;
  • Content Reveal;
  • Coundation Timers;
  • Countdown Evergreen;
  • Credit Card Symbols - used on a product page;
  • Custom HTML;
  • Custom Menu;
  • Disqus and Facebook Comments;
  • Fill Counter;
  • Google Map
  • Icons;
  • Lead Generation;
  • More Tag;
  • Progress Bar & Social Shares;
  • Star Ratings, Table of Contents, Tabs, Testimonials;
  • Embedded Videos;
  • Toggle Buttons;
  • Audio Plays
  • Call to Action;
  • Contact Forms & Gaurantee Box
  • Numbered List, Pricing Table and Post Lists;
  • Search and a Styled box;

Feeeewwww! That is a lot of features, and you can read more about them here: Full List of Thrive Architect Features

Thrive Integrations

Besides all of the above, you also can integrate login forms or embed quizzes directly into your blog page.

In order to take advantage of the integrations you really need to have the other plugins installed. You can check out my full post of thrive themes and what you can get here: Thrive Themes Product Review

Landing Page Template Sets

This thrive architect review is only just the beginning, seriously! It is a really good plugin and it has over 30, pre-built, highly converting landing pages included with the plugin.

When creating a page, simply click the little cloud button on the right, and you’ll get the landing page templates.

thrive landing page templates
thrive landing pages

You can pick any of these and it will automatically create the page and from there you can modify it as required.

thrive architect review

There is an inbuilt style editor that allows you to change the colors of background elements very quickly, which is a neat feature that I like.

There is a range of landing page types, including:

  • Home Pages;
  • Sales Pages;
  • Coming Soon Pages;
  • Lead Generation Pages;
  • Download Page;
  • Confirmation Pages.

These landing pages work really well with thrive ultimatum (another tool from thrive) that can be used in unison to help make your sales pages highly converting.

In my opinion, thrive ultimatum and architect work really well together compared to click funnels (basically a much cheaper tool set than click funnels).

Thrive Architect Pricing

Thrive architect starts at $67 for a single which you can install on 1 website, it includes a whopping 334 landing page templates and unlimited updates.

If you need thrive architect for more than 1 website, you can get a 5 license pack which will cost $97. 

These are all one off costs, which makes this package quite attractive! Far more attractive than clickfunnels, which costs $99 per month for their basic plan

I’ve invested in the thrive membership which only costs $19 a month, for me that was more affordable at the time and I’ve been with them for two years (I’m one happy customer).

The membership gives you access to all the plugins and you can see my review here of the full suite.
thrive architect pricing review

How to Use Thrive Architect Tutorial

Once you’ve purchased Thrive Architect, install the plugin following the instructions provided by them!

That is to download and install the product manager plugin, active the plugin on your WordPress site and then install and active thrive architect.

installing thrive architect

Once you have done this, you’ll be able to create amazing visual blog posts with Thrive architect. 

In your WordPress backend, click posts, then “add new”, once it loads give your post a title and then click “Launch with thrive architect” as shown below.

launch with thrive

Once your page has loaded you are ready to begin visually designing your blog posts! To find design elements such as text blocks, simply click the “+” button on the right.

thrive architect elements

This will display all the elements I previously mentioned, simply drag and drop any element you want on your blog posts and away you go.

Thrive Architect Pro's and Con's

My thrive architect review wound’t be complete if it didn’t give you a list of the pros and cons of this WordPress visual builder tool.

These are my pro’s and con’s and if you do get the software it might differ from what you find.


  • Very easy to use and layout your designs.
  • A huge selection of pre-built landing pages included
  • Thrive architect pricing is affordable
  • Can be used with any WordPress theme


  • WooCommerce needs a bit integration to work with thrive buttons
  • Landing pages could do with some improvement

Final Thoughts on Thrive Architect Review:

When I first needed a visual page builder for WordPress was back in January 2019, I ended up buying thrive architect and also thrive leads! 

I found that the product was quite good for my needs I ended up investing in the thrive membership around May 2019 and have not regretted it since.

So if you need a good WordPress visual page builder that can do the work for you get thrive architect, however if you need a collection of tools from one developer then I suggest getting the thrive membership.

Thrive membership includes a lot more and also includes thrive architect, and you’ll find more value in this as opposed to just the plugin on its own.

If you have any questions on thrive architect, then just let me know below.

Marco B @ Bottom Line Cents

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