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My Absolute All-Inclusive Thrive Themes Review 2020: Is It Really Worth it? - Bottom Line Cents
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My Absolute All-Inclusive Thrive Themes Review 2020: Is It Really Worth it?

this page contains affiliate links. see my disclaimer. thanks for reading!

This Thrive Themes Review is my all-inclusive overview of the most underrated set of WordPress plugins and tools you need for your website.

I’ve been using it for a little nearing 2 years now and wanted to share my experience with it and inform you if Thrive Themes is worth it or not.

Contrary to its name, it is not a WordPress theme but more a collection of tools and plugins you use to boost conversion on your website or blog.

There are WordPress Themes built into the suite, but I’ll get to that later in this Thrive Themes Review!

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. I was also compensated to create this post, but all opinions are my own

Thrive Themes Review



I understand if you’re running low on time, so I decided to summarize this review of Thrive Themes in a few sentences.

Thrive Themes is a collective suite of useful WordPress tools that improve conversion for your website and blog. 

The Thrive membership contains a myriad of tools that does it all from Lead Acquisition, Testimonial Management, Landing Page Builder, Quiz Builder, and a stunning visual page builder.

Thrive Themes is perfect for new bloggers, service-based or consulting businesses, affiliate marketing sites, and other online businesses.

Thrive Themes Review Summary


Thrive themes is really cost effective, starting at only $19/month for the annual membership, or as low as $39 for its cheapest plugin, which is thrive ovation. To really benefit from the cost I recommend getting the membership instead of single plugins.


The quality of all their plugins is pretty good and bug free, which is what we want! They are constantly updating their plugins and themes and provide great range of support through a very active forum or online contact form.


Thrive theme features are simply amazing and delivers on their promise of improving conversions. With a range of tools for capturing leads, selling digital products or integrating scarcity, thrive themes is what you need.

Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

Thrive themes is perfect for bloggers wanting to improve the look of their blogs or even sell digital products, affiliate marketers, consulting businesses and many other types of online business.

They offer a 30-day money back guarantee in-case you're not satisfied with it! But, I doubt you will be, because I've been a happy member for nearly 2 years!

What is Thrive Themes?

As mentioned before Thrive Themes consists of WordPress plugins that help optimize your site and improve conversions.

It consists of several WordPress plugins, that many new bloggers, consulting businesses or affiliate marketing sites will need or use overtime to improve lead acquisition and sales, whether it be affiliate offers or your own products and services.

They also offer a stunning visual page builder, similar to elementor or visual composer (actually better than visual composer in my opinion).

If you’re wondering whether or not it has WordPress themes with it, then the answer is YES! Before this post was published thrive actually had several cool WordPress themes but now they have a thing called thrive theme builder.

I will review the thrive plugins soon but wanted to cover how they offer them to you. The plugins can be purchased individually or you can go on the thrive membership plan.

Is Thrive Architect a Theme?

Thrive architect is not a theme, in fact, it’s a visual page builder that I talked about before. If you’re familiar with the WordPress backend, you’ll know how you create posts or pages…

Well, you can kiss those days goodbye, because writing posts like that or creating a page can be very tedious. 

With this visual page builder, you’ll be able to drag and drop elements like video frames, HTML snippets, cool buttons and more with this easy to use page builder.

Further in this Thrive Themes Review, I’ll cover more about the features and benefits of thrive architect.

Does Thrive Architect Work With Any WordPress Theme?

As mentioned before, thrive architect is a visual page builder that helps to make your blog posts and pages look extra-ordinary!

The good news is that, if you want to get, just thrive architect and wondering if it will work with your WordPress theme, yes it will work.

Just like other visual page builders for WordPress thrive architect is considered a plugin and extends your boring WordPress editor to a supercharged visual one.

The only thing I need to add, is that you need to have a website, meaning self hosted and not on! You can read more here about what is a self-hosted blog.

What Products Do You Get with Thrive Membership?

Thrive membership offers a range of great plugins that will integrate seamlessly with your WordPress blog. 

I’ll cover all the plugins you get with the thrive themes membership and also let you know the cost if you want to get only a single plugin.

On top of that, I’ll give you my personal opinion in this thrive themes review, what you can expect, and how it may work for you.

thrive themes review

The image above is a snippet of the thrive product manager, it is all the plugins available to install in the membership.

If you purchased a single license to any of the plugins below, you will see the same dashboard except you’ll need to purchase the other products.

The other benefits you get with the thrive membership is access to;

Thrive Themes Review - Membership Benefits

  • Members Only Content - Updated monthly with new exclusive members only templates, courses and contests.
  • Thrive University - Amazing free courses on lead capture, list building, writing better copy, creating a funnel, increasing conversions and more. Keep reading below to see what else you get.
  • Website Review - Once you’re done building your website, you can submit it to thrive for review and comment. A very cool feature, especially if you’re a new blogger wanting some feedback.
  • Product Tutorials - Easy to follow tutorials on the thrive plugins
  • Webinar Recordings, Support Forum and more...

Lets move onto this thrive themes review and see what you all you can get!

Thrive Themes WordPress Plugins and Tools

Thrive Theme Builder

This is very new to thrive, and only recently got released. Thrive theme builder bundled with shapeshift theme, lets you build a unique WordPress website in less than 15 minutes!

Yes no coding needed. I found that hard to believe so I ended up trying this out on my consulting website that has thrive themes installed. 

I was absolutely shocked when I switched, it was actually much easier than using some of the older themes they had as part of their membership plan.

When you install thrive theme builder, it automatically prompts you to install the shapeshift theme as well.

Once you’re done installing it, you have 8 simple steps to modify the site, choosing from your logo, brand color, header footer, the layout of your homepage, single blog post page.

I particularly liked the homepage setup because it allowed you to choose from a selection of predefined custom templates, that can be modified to your liking of course.

thrive theme builder theme review

For my consulting site, I picked the “Service business-focused” homepage theme and it looks quite nice already (currently it is being modified, so a coming soon page is displayed)

From here I just need to replace a few images and text and it will look quite unique as it is.

shapeshifter theme service business focused homepage

If I wanted to edit anything on this page, I’d simply edit it with thrive architect (which I’ll cover next).

All in all, the thrive theme builder was an awesome addition, to an already great suite of tools and I found the site wizard very easy to edit and get my website structure up within 10 minutes.

The feature I like the most is that you can control your logos, font and color settings from this management tool alone, so there’s no need to go into your WordPress settings.

Just like all the other older themes that are included in thrive (I’ll cover the available older themes soon) the shapeshift and theme builder are fully responsive, making your site mobile friendly and helps with your google rankings.

Thrive Themes Review - How Much is Thrive Theme Builder?

You can get the thrive theme builder on it’s on which includes;

  • Thrive Architect Light;
  • Shapeshift Theme;
  • 5 Conversion Focused Hompage Templates;
  • 7 SEO Optimized Silo Page Templates;
  • 132 Pre-Designed Page Blocks;
  • Access to Thrive University;
  • 1 year support;
  • Unlimited Free Updates

The cost is $67 for a single license, which means using it on 1 website online or $97 for 5 licenses (5 website use).

After explaining all the thrive theme plugins, I’ll tell you why I got the thrive membership package over the individual plugins.

Thrive Architect

This is the holy grail of visual editing! I seriously cannot live without thrive architect today. 

I mean I use to get the free visual editor, visual composer plugin for WordPress and I always found it lacking in features. Maybe it’s because I never payed for the premium version!

Thrive architect is a thrive plugin that allows you to visually edit your WordPress blog posts, pages or even homepage.

thrive architect styles

You can literally design any aspect of a page or blog post, it has very detailed style options that can be applied to any type of element.

Within it you can even edit your theme colors directly, as opposed to doing it in theme builder!

thrive architect elements

On the right side menu, you have over several elements categorized into Foundation, Building Blocks and Integrations.

Foundation elements are items that are staple to every blog post, like text blocks, columns, images or buttons.

Building block elements are items such as countdown timers, progress bars, custom html sections, dividers, tables, table of contents, star ratings, video embedding tools and more (there is so much to list).

Integrations are like thrive comments or thrive leads, which I’ll go onto next.

I’ve been using thrive architect for nearly 2 years now and I write every blog post with it for Bottom Line Cents! Heck. 

I’ve even suggested some of my colleagues to use it, because it’s simple, the learning curve its not to steep and it has pretty amazing features and functions.

Thrive Themes Review - Does Thrive Architect Work With Any WordPress Theme?

Thrive Architect does work with any WordPress theme, but my recommendation is to use it with thrive theme builder and the shapeshift theme for maximum reliability.

The pricing for this plugin is $67 for a single license and $97 for a 5 license pack, similar to thrive theme builder.

Thrive Leads

If you have been using automation software like Mailchimp or even Get Response, you know that sometimes their front end design can look like rubbish. 

Meaning it might not fit all to well with your theme, and it can often look out of place! 

Then what most of us do is, we head over to the “add new plugins” section in WordPress and scour through tonnes of different lead generation plugins, only to bump our head against the wall.

I’ve honestly tried a bunch of different ones like contact form, SumoMe, or Hello bar. 

But to be honest, why get several different plugins when you can have one that does it all!

thrive leads dashboard

Well, thrive leads takes this pain away! It’s probably one of the best lead generation plugins for WordPress and it can really help build your list, with its conversion-optimized templates.

You have so many templates, from sticky ribbon similiar to Hello bar, thrivebox (PopUp lightbox), in-line forms, as well as 2-step, opt in forms. There is so much more and you can find the full list here: Thrive Leads Full Features List.

thrive leads templates

There is over 160 pre-defined lead generation templates, and the best part is if you wanted to make a custom when you can.

The thrive leads integrates with thrive architect so you can modify lead generation forms like you do with blog posts or pages.

I must say though, this does not replace your list building software like Get Response, it is more of an extension to improve lead conversion.

Considering I hate the Get Response templates I think having something like thrive leads really helps improve lead conversion overall.

How Much is Thrive Leads?

Just like the other plugins, thrive leads costs $67 for a single license and $97 for a 5 license pack. 

If some of these plugins are starting to look pretty good, or you think you can replace a bunch of them and save costs, then I recommend you read the thrive membership section.

Thrive Quiz Builder

Some of your marketing strategies may involve quizzes, where you need to ask a series of questions to your potential lead before getting them to opt-in.

When you launch thrive quiz builder you get three options, start from scratch, list building or social shares.

I often use this to generate leads, which is list building, and again you have some pretty cool pre-defined templates to work from.

thrive quiz builder dashboard

The quiz starts with a splash page, followed by some questions and then a lead form. If the lead successfully enters their email and submits, they get to the results page.

thrive quiz builder templates

It’s suppose to replicate a similiar system to what click funnels has in place, and my thoughts are that it does this ok. 

Thrive quiz builder can possibly add more features to improve their system, however if you get this you don’t really need to get Clickfunnels (which is overpriced).

This plugin will cost you $67 for a single license, $97 for 5 license pack, or $147 for 15 license packs. So that you can install it on 15 websites.

Other Useful Thrive Plugins

These thrive plugins below are considered a useful addon that accompanies the main set above. 

I’ve used some of them on my blog, but I found that it’s more useful for my other consulting company (I have multiple websites running these plugins).

Thrive Ovation

Thrive ovation allows you to gather testimonials from your WordPress comments! This is a pretty cool plugin if you need to find the best testimonial to use as a review very quickly.

thrive ovation

The other cool feature this WordPress plugin allows you to do is disply your testimonials in style, so that they pop and make your visitors aware of your services or skills.

A good plugin to have, but for it’s not really needed. This plugin is slightly cheaper at, $39 for a single license, $47 for 5 licenses or $97 for 15.

Thrive Ultimatum

Thrive ultimatum is all about building scarcity, and it offers a few different templates to do so. A tool like this will go a far way for bloggers or affiliate marketers wanting to provide scarcity in their offers, such as a limited time discount.

thrive ultimatum scarce

I haven’t used this tool for my blog, but I am aware of different scarcity tactics used to improve sales and this is powerful.

thrive ultimate - ideal person

It plays on the customers emotional response of fear of missing out or FOMO. If I ever sold courses on this blog (in the near future) then I would use this on my sales or landing page to improve my conversions.

The best part is that you can track analytics too, which is very helpful to see how well you are progressing with sales.

So if you’re looking to boost product sales on your blog or eCommerce website (hosted on WordPress) or you’re an affiliate marketer then this is for you.

The cost of thrive ultimatum is $97 for a single license, 5 licenses will set you back $147 and 15 will cost $399. A little more expensive, because it’s geared to generating you sales.

Thrive Optimize

This WordPress plugin by Thrive is to test landing pages, yes A/B testing made simple. It allows you to launch and test much faster.

All you need to do is create your first landing page, and then duplicate it x amount of times set your conversion goal and see where you can make improvements to optimize your pages.

thrive optimize

You don’t need to code anything, install scripts or any of that normal WordPress drama that makes you tear your hair out. I’m all about keeping it simple and this plugin helps you achieve that.

Thrive Comments

There are tonnes of WordPress comment managing plugins. This is probably one of my favorites, I’ve tried a bunch but this seems to be a bit unique.

It allows you to spur engagement like Reddit and Facebook and essentially people can upvote comments. 

Your readers can also achieve badges, which is a cool incentive for commenting. I used this briefly in my early days of this blog, but turned it off for god knows what reason! It’s a bloody cool tool.

thrive comments

Cost wise, you’re looking at $39 for a single license, $47 for a 5 license pack and $97 for a 15 license pack.

Thrive Apprentice

Finally, the last plugin out of a huge list of unique WordPress plugins for your blog. Thrive apprentice is for helping you build your own online courses.

So if you’re offering free courses on teachable or a platform that charges you, ditch them and get this instead.

The only downside is that it doesn’t have any payment processors, which means in order to start receiving money you need to integrate with SendOwl or something similar.

Thrive Themes Pricing

What’s all this going to cost? Well all the products can be purchased individually, but seriously that doesn’t make sense! 

In my opinion you’re better off getting the thrive membership, that is what I currently have. I have access to all the products mentioned above, and when they release a new one, yep I get that too!

thrive themes review pricing review

You can get all of the above for $19/month (if paid annually), yes all their plugins and on up to 25 websites.

I find this the best value as I only have to pay yearly, and when I start a new website. All the plugins are ready to kick start the success of my next venture.

Alternatively, if you only need one for one website, then better off getting the one you want.

Thrive Themes WordPress Themes (now obsolete)

I mentioned before that there were other themes that use to be available for thrive. That is true, and in order to access them you will need a thrive membership (I believe they are still available).

Under my thrive product manager dashboard, all I need to do is scroll to the bottom and where it says “Legacy Themes” hit the plus button to reveal what themes I can install.

thrive themes wordpress themes

The available themes are;

  1. Focus Blog (what bottomlinecents is on).
  2. LUXE
  3. Ignition
  4. Minus
  5. Squared
  6. Performag
  7. Pressive
  8. Storied
  9. Rise

Click the text above, to check out the thrive theme demos. So if you wanted an alternative look to your blog, you may still be able to install that (only on the thrive membership).

But! You won’t be able to get updates to these themes anymore, so install at your own disclosure.

Thrive Themes University

When you sign up to thrive themes with a membership (and also under a single product purchase) you have access to thrive university.

thrive themes university

What is thrive university? It is a place where you can learn more about the product you purchased as well as aspects of online marketing such as;

  1. How to grow an email list!
  2. Creating high converting landing pages.
  3. How to write better copy;
  4. Creating a sales funnel.
  5. How to increase conversions 
  6. How to build a website.

They also provide some premium courses on SEO and course creation.

For $19 a month it’s packed with a lot of information, and I don’t think you can get the same value elsewhere.

I personally haven’t used any of these courses, because I know most of the above and don’t need to educate myself further on those. But it's definitely great for new bloggers.

Thrive Themes Support

What happens when you have an issue with a plugin or anything really, and you need to touch base with someone to help you.

They do have a huge support forum, with people constantly posting answers to questions. 

The good part about this forum is that they subdivide it into the plugins, so if you have an issue with thrive architect just ask away. That is your first protocol of action!

thrive themes support forum

If you cannot get a resolution on your problem then you have to get in touch with their team.

Unfortunately, it’s a contact form and not a live chat (oh I wish they had live chat). 

But still, if live chat is what you’re after the forum is probably the best place for it.

With the membership you have access to this as long as you’re a member, if you purchased a single product you have support up to 1 year from your purchase date.

Thrive Themes Membership FAQs

Does thrive themes work with any WordPress blogs?

Yes, as long as it is a self-hosted blog on and not

What is the refund policy with thrive themes?

Thrive offers a 30 day money-back guarantee on all their products.

What happens when I cancel my thrive membership.

When you cancel, you’ll retain access to all the plugins you’ve installed. You will lose access to the product manager, and have no more access to the support forum or access support.

Can I reinstate my thrive membership account, if I chose to purchase a quarterly plan.

Yes, you can temporarily cancel your account and regain access, as long as you use the same email you initially used.

What email marketing platforms does thrive integrate with?

A huge amount of platforms, so many to list but I will name the most popular. Active Campaign, Aweber, Get Response, Mailchimp, Convertkit and more. You can review the full list here.

Thrive Themes Review Final Thoughts

So that brings us to an end, feewww that was a huge post (probably my biggest article) on this site.

Thrive themes is awesome, it does a lot and it will save you money in the long run (trust me, I’ve spent heaps on different plugins) and everything you see on this site has been built using it (posts, content boxes, lead captures and more)

There are definitely things that can be improved, for me it was the quiz builder, but it may be something else for you. However, I still work with it because it does what I need it to…. Drive conversions for this site.

Below is my overall rating I give this suite of WordPress plugins by thrive themes and it’s based on features, ease of use, cost and support!

Thrive Themes Review Summary


Thrive themes is really cost effective, starting at only $19/month for the annual membership, or as low as $39 for its cheapest plugin, which is thrive ovation. To really benefit from the cost I recommend getting the membership instead of single plugins.


The quality of all their plugins is pretty good and bug free, which is what we want! They are constantly updating their plugins and themes and provide great range of support through a very active forum or online contact form.


Thrive theme features are simply amazing and delivers on their promise of improving conversions. With a range of tools for capturing leads, selling digital products or integrating scarcity, thrive themes is what you need.

Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

Thrive themes is perfect for bloggers wanting to improve the look of their blogs or even sell digital products, affiliate marketers, consulting businesses and many other types of online business.

They offer a 30-day money back guarantee in-case you're not satisfied with it! But, I doubt you will be, because I've been a happy member for nearly 2 years!

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you like it, please spread the word and share it on Facebook, Twitter or Insta. As always, leave a comment if you need any questions answered.

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About the author

Marco is the founder of Bottom Line Cents, a blog about travel and personal finance. He primarily talks about ways to make money online with side income. He has paid off over $40,000 in student debt due to his side gigs and his thriving nature to succeed.

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