Best Top Things to do in Phuket Island

I’ve recently visited Phuket Island in Thailand and I wanted to share my experience with all of you where we went. The things we did. Hotels we stayed at. What we ate and so much more!

These are the top things that I and my Fiance got up to in Phuket.

Firstly, I wanted to first start off by saying that there are lots of things to do in Phuket Island. It’s a place for couples, families and a group of friends looking for a good party scene.


There are tonnes of accommodation at very affordable prices!

What my Fiance and I actually did while we were still in New Zealand was a review where we would like to stay and how far it would be from attractions.

Best Things to Do in Phuket


Here are my Top Things to Do In Phuket Island!

Accommodation in Phuket Island

We stayed at this hotel called Hallo Patong, in Phuket Island. Considering how cheap it was per night of our stay and also included morning breakfast.

It was really close to night markets, public transport and a local mall called Jungceylon which contained restaurants that served either Thai or European food.

My Fiance and I used a website called to find a place that we liked there are many benefits to using them for booking accommodation. We like to use the service for the following reasons;

  • Free to use and they have over 2 million listings worldwide; tiktok takipçi satın al
  • They let you reserve a booking without making a down payment;
  • When something comes up, you can cancel your reservation without a cancellation fee;
  • Ratings of places from verified reviewers are available; and
  • There’s a tonne of photos of the place with great lighting so you can see for yourself.

These are the top reasons why we recommend that you use for your next destination.

You really can’t go wrong using them and as most of you know we are currently travelling the world! This is what we usually do before me make a reservation.

Best Things to Do in Phuket

Restaurants, Food & Eating in Phuket Island

Who doesn’t like food when they go on vacation?! 

Food is everything everyone needs to make them feel better and take them out of a sour mood so that they can relax and enjoy the trip.

As I mentioned before there is a large number of restaurants, food stalls and fast food joints.

You can eat at the Jungceylon mall! However, I would say the food is normally priced like any other restaurant from your home country.

If you are feeling a bit adventurous and want to try out the local night markets! There’s one right by the mall called Baan Zaan Night Market.

The food there is great tasting and best of all it is cheap (cheaper than the mall).

Definitely try the local Thai desserts they sell, I was a little bit hesitant at first but when I tried it, it felt like heaven!

Site Seeing & Traveling Around in Phuket Island

There is quite a bit of attraction in Phuket, we were only there for 7 nights so didn’t have the opportunity to see absolutely everything.

We got around by using the local taxis (tuk-tuks), most of them were around 300-600 Thai Baht! However, if you feel like you can handle the streets of Thailand then rent a car or rent a scooter.

I’ve made a list of what we did follow by some extra things that could have done;

Top Things to do in Phuket Island

Patong Beach

Top Things to do in Phuket Island

Bangla Road

  • Bangla Road – Primarily clubs, bars, and explicit shows for men. If you’re taking a family vacation with some kids, it’s probably best to go during the day time as the nightlife on this road is a little explicit);
Top Things to do in Phuket Island

Big Buddha

  • Big Buddha & Wat Chalong Temple – took a taxi which was 1000 Thai Baht  (total) for a return;
Top Things to do in Phuket Island

Old Phuket

  • Old Phuket Town – We caught a bus during the day at the end of Bangla Road. The bus was 30 Baht (p/p) for a 14km one way. Old Phuket town is a must-see for the Architecture which is Sino-Portuguese Style. If you love buildings go check this area out.
Top Things to do in Phuket Island

Phi Phi Island Boat Tour

  • Phi Phi Island Boat Tour – This was great, it was a whole day in the sun and boating to different islands. The cost of this was 2500 Thai Baht (p/p)
Those are the things we wish we had done in Phuket Island but didn’t have time for but wish we could have done include;
  • Zip Line Adventures – Ashley really wanted to do this but we had no time 🙁  ;
  • Kayak Tour in Phang Nga Bay, with John Gray;
  • Babanest at Sri Panwa Resort; and
  • Kan Eang @ Pier, Chalong and much much more;

This is what we did and could have done in Phuket Island in a nutshell and we wish we had more time to experience a little more.

Currently, we are in Chiang Mai, Thailand and I’m sure to post about this and keep you all informed about our trip.

We used to find a place that we liked and was close to tonnes of attractions. I highly recommend using them as they are a great tool for finding cheap affordable great places to stay while abroad.

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Best Things to Do in Phuket

These are the top holiday experiences in Phuket

I know it’s not much but I felt like we could have done more things in Phuket. After all, there are so many things to do in Phuket and you can do this at an extremely low cost.

For us getting to Thailand can have a significant cost associated with it. When you’re there man oh man are the things really cheap.

You could literally have the time of your life in Thailand as it has so much to offer! Phuket is definitely one of my favourite places.

Keep in mind that you don’t really need to stay at a resort in Phuket Thailand to actually have an amazing holiday experience.

My Fiance and I went to Phuket back in 2015 and we stayed at a top resort back then, the lifestyle was amazing.

Final Thoughts

However it soon became a bland experience so, you only need to spend 4 days tops at a resort in my opinion.

Making the most of your Phuket experience you need to explore the island get around. This is exactly what we did on our recent visit.

Those are the things to do in Phuket! Let me know what else we could do next time we’re in Phuket

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