Welcome All ! My First Post

Welcome All, I'm very excited to launch my blog - Bottom line cents I've been procrastinating for some time now and finally got around to writing my first post. 

I am a 29-year-old guy from Auckland, New Zealand and I have to much debt that I can even keep track of. 

The biggest proportion of this debt is my student loan, kurtköy escort which accumulated to $80,000 pendik escort and it has taken about 6 year's to pay the majority of this debt off but I still have quite a bit left ($30,000).

My student debt came from having to borrow to pay for my studies and also borrow to live while studying the other debt I have is a credit card and a personal finance.

The reason I started this blog was to keep track of my pendik escort spending habits which involves having at least $800 spare after all my expenses come out - "Wow!" you're thinking, yeh I know right!

Some people would die to have that left over at the end of paying their debt. I'll cut to the chase, I do have a corporate job and part of that job involves drinking coffee up to three times a day and also going out for lunch and if it's not coffee that I'm buying it would be snacks.

The remainder of my spare cash is used on going out to the movies or having dinner with my fiance (now wife).

I do have some bad habits that can be shaken such as buying coffee three times a day as opposed to making it in the staff kitchen and that is ultimately why I started this blog, to keep track of spending and my bad.

So the ultimate goal of my blog is to keep track of my spending habits, find some good sources/reads that would improve my ability to not purchase so randomly.

It's time to make our accounts stable for a stable life!

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Marco B @ Bottom Line Cents

Marco is the founder of Bottom Line Cents, a blog about travel and personal finance. He primarily talks about ways to make money online with side income. He has paid off over $40,000 in student debt due to his side gigs and his thriving nature to succeed.