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Here’s What to do in Bangkok For 3 Days – Traveler’s Guide Bangkok

If you visit Thailand and you only have a short amount of time then here’s what to do in Bangkok for 3 days!

Ashley and I were recently in Bangkok, in fact, it wasn’t so long ago it was around the 3rd to the 9th of September!

For those of you who don’t know, we left our jobs at the beginning of August, this year, and went traveling. 

More on this later as my blog develops! For now, I want to share with all of you our recent trip to Bangkok.


We’ve been to Bangkok before but this time we had a little more than a few days to see things. So I’ve taken note of the things we’ve done and thought I’d create a blog post about it.

So if you’re ever in Bangkok, Thailand remember to

What to Do in Bangkok for 3 Days

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Before I get into what we’ve done I just want to share with you a few more things that made this experience even more worthwhile than usual.

My Fiance and I used a website called booking.com to find a place that we liked! There are many benefits to using them for booking accommodation. We like to use the service for the following reasons;

  • It’s free to use and they have over 2 million listings worldwide;
  • They let you reserve a booking without making a down payment;
  • If something comes up, you can cancel your reservation without a cancellation fee;
  • There are ratings of places from verified reviewers; and
  • There’s a tonne of photos of the place with great lighting so you can see for yourself.

These are the top reasons why we recommend that you use booking.com for your next destination.

You really can’t go wrong using them and as most of you know we are currently traveling the world. This is what we usually do before we make a reservation. Serik Escort Bayanlar

An amazing place you can stay in Bangkok! twitter takipçi

We stayed at Yellow Ribbon Hills Boutique Suites for six nights, it was really good. I mean it was targeted towards Japanese Businessmen but it still worked out for us for the following reasons;

  • Equipped with its own kitchen. Which meant we could have dinner and breakfast on our own and cook what we liked (after a while Hotel breakfast’s became really plain and boring);
  • There is a gym so it meant me and Ashley could get a quick workout in on our off day. Gotta keep up our fitness on this trip;
  • Very close to the BTS railway. We could ditch the tuk-tuk’s and experience the city by Railway;
  • It was really close to some nearby street food that seemed quite popular and also near a mall/supermarket. I could do a grocery shop for the six nights we were there.

Below are some images of our room, I’m kind of gutted because I didn’t end up taking any more photos of the room itself, but I’ll share what we have.

things to do in Bangkok

Master Bedroom

things to do in Bangkok

View of the Kitchen

things to do in Bangkok

View of Lounge

The booking page has way more photo’s than I captured, you can have a look at the hotel room in detail here.

Enough Rambling…Let’s get to the good stuff!

So here it is my list of interesting things to do in Bangkok on your next trip 🙂 twitter takipçi satın al

What to do in Bangkok for 3 days – 10 Must Do Things in Beautiful Bangkok;

What to Do in Bangkok for 3 Days

Go to the Chatuchak Weekend Market;

This was an absolute blast, located in Phaya Thai District which is in Central Bangkok you’ll find this amazing weekend market (yes it only operates on Saturday & Sunday).

This is the biggest market in Thailand and houses a massive 15,000 stalls, what an absolute beast of a market! It’s so huge it has to be split into sections with categories that divide up the different types of stalls.

It definitely pays to head here early around opening time, which is 9:00 AM because the crowds start pouring in from all over Bangkok from around 10:30 AM onwards and boyyyy oh boy are there crowds.

So if you are the type of person who can’t stand crowds go there early. 

By this point in our trip we were all Marketed out and we only really went for things we needed, instead of the things we wanted. This included food and the odd travel item such as a spare carry on suitcase to take on the plane.

There is plenty of things to see and do at the weekend market in Bangkok, this includes eating exquisite Thai street food, shopping for a new handbag, t-shirts, socks, singlets, pants and much much more.

There is plenty of ways you can make your way to the market, which includes taxi, tuk tuk or bus but the best way to get there (in my opinion) is the BTS Skytrain.

It’s relatively simple to use and can be as cheap as 26 Baht (USD 0.80¢) depending on where in Bangkok you are located.

Take the BTS SkyTrain;

The BTS Skytrain in Bangkok is probably my most preferred method to get around the city, it actually costs less than the average tuk-tuk and the stops arrive at major malls or other transport junctions such as the riverboat. So what to do in bangkok for 3 days? Well still more, keep reading.

What to do in bangkok for 3 days

BTS Skytrain Arriving

A new train arrives about every 6 minutes and to each stop is roughly a couple of minutes but the best part of it all is that it’s in English (for those non-speaking Thai folk out there) and relatively simple to use.

To purchase a train card(ticket) you need to head to the closest station to you, the stations have coin/note machines or tellers that can assist you with purchasing a ticket for your destination.

Make sure you purchase the correct tiered ticket because when you get off at the other side you have to insert your train card into the exit gate.If you managed to try and save a few cents and got off at a later stop your card won’t let you exit.

Shop At Siam Paragon

Honestly, I’ve lost count the number of times I went to this mall. Ashley absolutely luuuuuuuurrrrv’s going shopping,  she like’s going to see the different styles of clothing in different countries.

It’s not bad for me because I tag along and we make a trip to the food (my favourite part of shopping malls).

what to do in bangkok for 3 days

Siam Paragon

This shopping mall is an absolute stunner! It contains the most top designer brands from around the world which include;

  • Giorgio Armani, Burberry
  • BVLGari
  • Chanel
  • Celine
  • Cartier and Dior just to name a few.

If this is your kind of outlet then I highly recommend going here, but it was kind of out of our price range (we are not really brand orientated)

You can get here with the BTS Skytrain. I’ve attached a map of the BTS Skytrain below if you manage to catch the train when you want to get off at the stop called Siam which is the interchange point of the entire train network (the point where you swap onto a different train line)things to do in Bangkok

Sit on Top of the World at a Skybar

So while we were in Bangkok it was one of our friend’s Birthday in New Zealand on the 5th of September so we decided to go to a Cru Champagne Bar Sky Bar to send a message to her from the top of the world.

Don’t be put off by the name they do a range of food and cocktails, beers and soft drinks.

Anyway, we took a shortcut through Siam Paragon to save some time but when we got on the other side and began working towards the Bar we hit by a huge downpour and were stopped in our tracks.

Ashley and I weren’t happy campers and we called it a night.

The next night we managed to make it up and luckily enough there was a time difference that allowed us to send the birthday message on the same day New Zealand Time. We were greeted with amazing views and good times :)!

things to do in Bangkok

Sky Bar

One sky bar is enough (But if you have energy….)

There are so many sky bars in Bangkok, however, you need to make sure that none of them has exclusive bookings.

We did try to go to the Sky Bar featured in the Hangover movie, however, we didn’t go to this as it was slightly far from the hotel.

Here’s a picture of my cocktail that looks like the character Wilson, from Castaway which tasted amazing! Haha, I love it!

things to do in Bangkok

Wilson Cocktail

We managed to get our message through with no rain on the second night!

Take The River Boat

OK, this is it, the activity I was dreading the most – why? Because it was a completely different experience for me. I was so sceptical about the boat but in the end, came around to the idea and just went with it. Seriously this was so much fun and I highly recommend it.

things to do in Bangkok

River Boat

There are a few things you must know if you want to use the River Boat (which was a great experience)

  1. If you take the BTS Skytrain to make sure you get off at Saphan Taksin (even if you have to take a different line at the exchange). You can use the ticket machines to work out the cost or just ask the attendant in the booth (they speak English).
  2. When you get off at Saphan Taksin follow the signs that will lead you to the river. If you managed to go the wrong way just bring up google maps to correct your path.
  3. There are boat ride resellers that offer you a “tour service”. The tour service does not provide a tour guide for the temples or the grand palace you would want to see. The service is a mere “get to use the boat” all day. It cost slightly more but doesn’t provide any more value than the regular service.
  4. The Regular Service – Ignore the sellers trying to swift you up and bring you to their booth. Instead, look for a lady in a cheap stall selling “orange boat” tickets these are like 20 Baht (USD 0.60cents) this is per person and one way. Meaning if you get off you will need to re-buy an orange ticket.

The orange boat is more local and provides you with a sense that you are an actual local of Thailand.

What to Do in Bangkok for 3 Days

Iconic Reclining Golden Buddha

When I read about this on another blog, I saw a picture of the head but when I get here in person I had no idea of how massive this statue was.

All the other blogs had photo’s of its head but without anything else to compare it to within the picture, it’s very hard to gauge the size of this thing.

OMG, it is Huge!

I managed to take a photo from the feet, capturing the crowd and also the head to really illustrate the size of this statue.

The Reclining Buddha can be found in Wat Pho complex, south of the grand palace. The tickets into this complex cost about 100 Baht p/p (approximately $3 USD) and it is well worth it. The opening times of the temple is between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.

things to do in Bangkok

Reclining Buddha

The phenomenal scale of this statue is just jaw-dropping: o !

The other added benefit of going to Wat Pho was that I and Ashley managed to bump into a local Thai primary school. A flock of children approached us and were put to use their newfound English skills learnt in the classroom. I have to say these kids were very intelligent.

things to do in Bangkok

Local Thai Kids

We had to sign their forms so that their teacher would know they approached and demonstrated their English to others. A+++ for them in my opinion.

Go See Wat Arun;

Wat Arun another Buddhist Temple located in Yai District of Bangkok. This temple was completed circa 1656 CE and is absolutely magnificent.

things to do in Bangkok

Wat Arun

It’s located adjacent to the Bangkok river and can be seen from the river. The Bangkok river boat actually makes a stop here so you can get off the boat and take an hour out of your day to look about.  If it’s expected to be a sunny day you might want to bring sunglasses because the white of the temple can be rather blinding to your eyes.

Go To the Museum of Siam

I didn’t think there was much to this Museum but it actually left me thinking how much of the Thai Culture has been influenced by the King and the media.

things to do in Bangkok

Museum of Siam

If you’re thinking everything will be in Thai and you won’t understand much then I suggest you get a free audio guide.

The guide can be requested and used throughout the tour, there are many languages that are offered. If you take the audio guide you will have a broader understanding of the King.

The Thai Culture and why there is food in plastic bags ( look out for this on the street, it’s still a thing).

Words of Advice —-> When you get off at the Boat stop in this area (same as the Grand Palace) you need to wave down a tuk-tuk to get you there. The walk is really long and can be tiring if the sun is out.

Go See the Grand Palace

The Grand Palace looks spectacular from the outside. Not 100% sure what it looked like on the inside as it wasn’t really on our list of things to do. I just thought I’d add it in here and share what we saw, so maybe you could visit it if you had the time.

things to do in Bangkok

Grand Palace

Looks good from the outside right?

The opening time of the palace is 8:30 am to 3:30 pm and the tickets are roughly about 500 baht (~15USD) per person to enter. It’s an amazing complex of buildings and also the official residence of the king.

The Grand Palace requires men to wear full covered pants and a shirt. So if you found yourself there with shorts then not to worry there are many pant sellers on the street that can offer you a nice pair of Elephant Pants 🙂

Go To the MBK Centre

Ok, ok, ok! More Shopping ?! Everybody loves shopping! But the MBK Centre is 7 levels (I lost count and got lost many times). 2000 shops that sell just about everything you can imagine.

things to do in Bangkok

So that rounds up my post on what to do in Bangkok for 3 Days

It’s more of a market in a building with Air conditioning than a major retail outlet you’d find in the states.

All the shops here are competing with each other so you have to find the best deal for whatever you are after.

Here are my tips for haggling to the extreme:

  1. Understand the market and set an upper limit. For example, if you’re looking for a selfie stick you’d expect to pay $5 – $10 and nothing more.
  2. Always Counter Offer – If the seller starts at a ridiculous price for a said selfie stick. Counter it with a ridiculously low offer and make them cringe.
  3. Be Prepared to Walk Away – If the seller doesn’t budge on their ridiculous price just stop the conversation say “thanks, not interested”. Watch them slash the price like they were playing fruit ninja or something.
  4. The Other Shop – I use this one a bunch of times when I or the seller can’t agree on a price. I have a firm price in my head (my upper limit) I simply say “the other shop said xxx dollars can you match this”, usually the seller will come to the party and just agree, if not walk away.

If you have market tips, share them in the comments I’d like to hear them!

One thing to remember is to always be respectful when you visit the Grand Palace and any Temples.

So this means women need to be covered on the shoulders and legs (no short shorts). Men need to wear shirts covering the shoulders and shorts (pants for the grand palace)

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