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Where have I been you ask? 

I've been snowed under at my day job! Seriously, there is something about the end of the year that makes people want to get things done ASAP!

If you don't already know, my day job is a niche consulting type of work that is within the construction sector.

I'm the guy that designs special structure within buildings, like beams, foundations and more and I do this within New Zealand legislation.

You can find out more here at my company's website.

But Where Have I been in the Background?

Some of you may be thinking that my job is only 8 hours a day. Well, it's slightly more lately! I'm running at 12-16 hour days and it is draining me.

In-fact, I've been so flat out that I've neglected Bottom Line Cents for about a month now, or possibly longer!

I know right, shock horror (No pun intended given that I'm writing this on Halloween).

The truth is, I haven't forgotten about this site and I've been monitoring it slowly. 

Not really growing it or anything, just monitoring it and continuing to Pin like mad and drive traffic.

What's The Next Plan?

I've been plotting slowly, what my next move is for the site and I think I'll be a while away.

The last I wrote something decent was back in September and that post gained a lot of traction.

It was a review on Shopify vs Etsy and most people found it useful. 

Writing really takes a lot of planning and can be time consuming, but on the plus side my traffic has grown quite well from google and also Pinterest.

A main plan I wanted to get into was making more YouTube videos than blog posts. I find that a lot of people like video tutorials.

YouTube Videos and More

As I mentioned, I want to make more YouTube tutorials specifically on Shopify. To me it seems like a lot of people love using that platform to sell things.

However, what I fail to see is how you can start a store and use SEO to drive traffic to it.

I started a Shopify store called Next Giftz and I really wanted to try driving more organic search than paid search to this.

I can imagine that it would take about a year to develop, but I'm all in just like I am with this site.

The Shopify store is a general store, kind of like a walmart.

My goal is to create searchable content for google, get this ranked and then sell off this store for some figure... who knows what that'll be.

Small Business Ideas for Men - Feature


That about sums up in a nutshell what I have planned in the background.

For now I will continue to devote my time and devotion to my day job. Until everything goes quite.

I can expect that to happen sometime in the new year I believe.

If you have any questions feel free to drop it in the comments below.

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