7 Epic Reasons Why Blogging is Important for Business

Have you ever wondered why blogging is important for business but just thought, "oh blogging is not for my business".

If you're like me and don't want to pay countless thousands of dollars to generate business, and you're looking for an alternative website traffic source then you need to start blogging.

So what do you blog about? Well you'll need to create engaging content that your audience will like.

For example this Bottom Line Cents covers topics in personal finance, eCommerce and blogging tips.

So if you have a dental practice then you need to create content around dental issues, concerns and benefits of going to the dentist. This applies for just about any niche!

There are so many benefits of blogging for your business! Today I'm going to be covering 7 reasons why you need to start blogging for your business.

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7 Awesome Benefits of Why Blogging is Important for Business

#1 - Blogging Keeps Your Business Competitive and Up-To-Date

There are a lot of companies offering similar products and services out there so how do you stand out? 

It brings a unique platform to a company where you can communicate directly with your customers. A blog helps to articulate to your audience who you are and what you do without having to spend time tailoring your homepage.  

Also, it is a great means to keep your customers in the know about what your company is currently working on with new products, new research, or new developments.

#2 - Provides Access for Communication Between You and Customers

Another great reason why blogging is important for business is that it's great at exposing content that captures the attention of potential customers. 

Blogs give you direct access to these customers so that you can give them more information so that they are better informed of your product or service.

It will also allow you to potentially get leads so that you can make future sales!

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#3 - Blogging Gives you Valuable Feedback About Your Customers

Platforms such as Google Analytics can give you feedback about customers for e.g. what content is being read telling you what people want to know and read about. 

Google Analytics provides valuable data about your readers giving you insight so that you can tailor your content that is more inline with what they want. 

Blogging is a two way communicative process; it is both what you want to say and what your customers want to hear about.

There is no point producing content that no one will read, that is why platforms such as Google Analytics is very useful.

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#4 - Improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

My favorite reason why blogging is important for business is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is scoring high on search engines like Google. It is the reason this blog and many others drive new people daily to their sites.

Blogging can help improve your search engine rankings by;

  1. Using relevant key words in your posts
  2. Produce fresh content regularly
  3. Meeting the needs through content of online searchers. (what’s relevant to them). 

It’s important to use relevant keywords in your blog posts so that when people search for your content using a search engine it ranks high up on the list.

Producing fresh content is another way to improve search engine rankings by meeting the relevant needs of online searchers.

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#5 - Blogging Improves Your Own Knowledge of Your Company

Providing information of your field or industry helps improves your own knowledge in that which you are working.

Writing about your field demonstrates that you are actively involved in what’s going on and helping to spread the word.

Knowing a thing or two about your industry shows potential customers that you are knowledgeable.

#6 - Blogs and Social Media

Your content, once created, can be marketed on different media channels such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

Use social media such as Facebook and Instagram to expose your blog posts to potential customers.

Social media is a fantastic way to get people to view your posts and get interested in the content that you are producing so that they get trending.

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#7 - Blogging can Generate New Leads

A blog can be a great generator for potential leads. Giving customers sound content for them to digest is a sure way to win over any new customers.

When customers get a taste of what your business is about they’re sure to give it a second thought.

Small businesses have almost nothing to lose and everything to gain from investing time and energy into a blog.

That Concludes why Blogging is Important for Businesss

Blogging can open up several doors for your business and potentially make it grow beyond your wildest dreams. 

If you're a new business owner or long time brick and mortar store owner, then you can learn more here about starting a blog. Starting a blog can definitely help improve your web presence.

I may have missed some other really good reasons to why you need a blog for your business, so comment below and let me know.

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